Jumpseller Apps

Customize your experience with leading software to market your products, run your business and better serve your customers. Adjust your Jumpseller experience to your particular workflow.

Sales Channels

Google Commerce

Maximize your reach and find more customers! Show your products on multiple Google channels.

Facebook & Instagram

Connect your Online Store and sell directly on Facebook and Instagram!

Syncee for Suppliers

Grow your business through thousands of trusted retailers for free.


Join 1000’s of businesses transforming customer engagement and driving conversion!

Email Marketing and Automation


A Marketing automation platform, popular for e-mail marketing.

E-goi Smart Marketing

An Email Marketing and Automation Software. Create and send newsletters, use free templates, SMS Mar...


Create automation by connecting your store with your favourite apps such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp,...


Integrately is a 1 click integration platform that helps users in integrating their favorite apps in...


Connect your store to over 1,600 apps, automate your business processes and build powerful workflows...

Sender Email Marketing & SMS

Execute your email marketing & SMS with Sender to grow leads and increase store sales on autopilot.

Customer Support


Olark is a live chat solution for your online store!

Facebook Live Chat

Stay in touch with your customers using the Facebook Live Chat App!

Jivo Chat

An omnichannel app! Make use of features like live chat, visitor tracking, integrations with Whatsap...


Databot es un sistema que permite integrar Chatbots con inteligencia artificial de rápida implementa...

Google Apps

Google Tag Manager

Implement and Manage tags to connect Google tools with your store.

Google Reviews Plugin

Google Reviews widget for website. Show the best user reviews from Google on your website.



SumoMe is a collection of free tools to grow your website traffic.


Add a Jumpseller Image Gallery Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.


Add a Jumpseller Popup Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

Smart Bar

Animated announcement bar, nice countdown timers and much more!


Boost traffic and increase sales on social media channels!

Pinterest Feed

Integrate Pinterest into your site for stronger engagement.

Before and After Slider

Showcase how your products and services efficiently work and boost your profit.


TITANPush is a platform with tools that help brands sell more through their websites and communicate...

Predictable Media

Attract new customers and generate personalized relationships at scale.


Increase your sales with automatic notifications, shopping cart recovery e-mail, and other tools.

VidyBack : Video Ads for Social Media

Create Animated Ads, Stories and Videos for Social Marketing!

Web Forms

Form Builder

Create forms to be shown on your Storefront.

Form builder Plugin

Create different filling forms and display them on your website to collect all the insights from you...


Create Forms for your website! Engage your customers with polls, surveys and custom quotes!

Social Media

Social Feed

Add a Social Feed Plugin to your Online Store.

Social Media Icons

Add a Jumpseller Social Media Icons Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

Instagram Feed Plugin

Increase conversion by showcasing your business with Instagram photos.

Facebook Feed Plugin

Display posts, images and videos from Facebook and get more followers.

Store Design

Cookie Consent

Add a notification on your store to follow the EU cookie law.


Add a Comments Plugin to your website without coding and increase visitor interaction.


Add a Jumpseller Slideshow Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

Countdown Timer

Add a Countdown Timer Plugin to your website without coding!

Map Plugin

Add a Jumpseller Map Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

File Embed Plugin

Add a Jumpseller File Embed Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

Price Table Plugin

Add a Jumpseller Price Table Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

Find a Store

Powerful store locator map solution with all features.

Html5 Flipbook

Make your content look like a real book or magazine using the HTML5 app.

Season Effects

Use this app for creating decorations or animations.

Pricing Table Plugin - Elfsight

Add a Price Table Plugin to your store.

Countdown Timer - Elfsight

Add a Countdown Timer to your website to create a sense of urgency and boost conversion.


Animate any Button, Text, Image on storefront by a few clicks.

Team Showcase

Create a showcase with the members of your team.

Logo Showcase

Show logos on your site to to achieve higher level of trust.

Vimeo Gallery

Integrate the most engaging Vimeo videos with your website!

Photo Gallery

The best way to demonstrate pictures or design a gorgeous gallery on your website.


Demonstrate your artworks and projects with ease!

Event Calendar

Share your planned activities with your visitors.


Add an Augmented Reality (AR) experience to your store.

Búsqueda Inteligente - Impresee

Revolutionize your eCommerce with ChatGPT: AI-powered search and navigation to boost SEO & marketing


Syncee - Global Dropshipping

Find millions of dropshipping products on Syncee Marketplace from reliable suppliers from the US, CA...

DSers ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping

DSers is one of the best-rated dropshipping tools to help you easily manage your Jumpseller orders a...


Facebook Reviews

Increase trust in your brand by using Facebook Reviews on your storefront.


Fomo increases trust, credibility, and sales with live social proof!

Trustpilot Reviews

The best way to insert reviews from Trustpilot on your site.



Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing

Affiliatly is the All-in-1, full-functioning affiliate and influencer marketing solution for e-comme...


FAQ Plugin

Add a Jumpseller FAQ Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

Facebook Chat Plugin

Add a Jumpseller Chat Plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

WhatsApp Chat Plugin

Be easy-to-reach for your customers by installing the WhatsApp Chat Plugin on your store.

Facebook Chat

Help more customers by engaging them with a Facebook Chat support

Smartarget WhatsApp - Contact Us

Use our communication features and allow your users to contact you easily by WhatsApp, Phone and mor...

Smartarget Skype - Contact Us

Using this app, your visitors can contact you easily by Skype.

Telegram - Contact Us

Using this app, your visitors can contact you easily by Telegram, a simple app that is easy to use.

Smartarget Email - Contact Us

Using this app, your visitors can contact you easily by clicking on the Email Icon.

Facebook Messenger - Contact Us

Using this app, your visitors can contact you easily using Facebook Messenger.

Smartarget Instagram - Follow Us

This app allows you to tell your user about your IG profile so they can start follow you.

Smartarget Information Message

Smartarget developed a plugin for Jumpseller so you can communicate information to users in a visibl...

Smartarget Contact Form

Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you through their mobile and desktop from anywhere o...

Smartarget Corner Ribbon

Do you have special deals sometimes? Like Black Friday? Special weekend? holidays?

Smartarget Exit Popup

Keep users from leaving your website!

Smartarget Follow Us

Bring your social channel icons insight of the visitors.

Smartarget Viber - Contact Us

Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you through their mobile phones and desktop with clic...

Smartarget Button Builder

Create special buttons with specific actions for your website

Smartarget FAQ

Provide answers and increase user trust in your website

Smartarget Social Proof Sales

Increase visitor trust! Show ongoing sales in the website

Smartarget Click to Call

Allow users to call you within a click!

Smartarget Message Bar

Display a Message Bar on your website to communicate different types of information to users

Smartarget Contact Us

Add all contact us channels in one click WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, etc

Smartarget Popup

Improve the conversion of your website with this Popup Window widget

Facebook - Follow Us

Show your Facebook profile on your website!

TikTok - Follow Us

Show your TikTok profile on your website!

Smartarget Lucky Wheel

Use a Lucky Wheel widget to generate Email Leads from website visitors.

Smartarget Twitter - Follow Us

Get more followers on your Twitter profile.

Smartarget Reviews

This app helps build trust in visitors by displaying website reviews.

Smartarget Popup Forms

Grow your mailing list with Popup Forms

Smartarget Stories

Smartarget Stories: Boost Engagement. Boost Sales.

Smartarget Countdown Popup

Boost conversion using a Countdown Popup

Xml Feeds


The XML FeedBuilder makes creating XML documents quick and easy! Use our pre-built templates or desi...


Jumpseller Mobile App

The Jumpseller app lets you manage your online store on your mobile phone.

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is a seamless integration platform designed to streamline your workflow by effortless...

All in One Accessibility™

All in One Accessibility widget improves website ADA compliance and browser experience for ADA, WCAG...

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