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VidyBack is a video ad-making web app. It can create product videos by downloading pictures and descriptions directly from your online shop or shops.

You simply integrate your shop once and VidyBack app will download all your product catalogs to the VidyBack dashboard. All this happens with just two clicks.

To make the video-making process simpler VidyBack gives you ready-to-use video templates or video designs. Not only that you also get copyright-free music from the audio library.

Once you are familiar with the process it takes just over a minute to create a video ad for your products.


How to use VidyBack

  1. Click on the VidyBack site.

  2. Add VidyBack App in Jumpseller.

  3. Login with Jumpseller.

  4. Your store products would be listed, select product/products.

  5. Choose a template that suits your social media needs.

  6. Add video details.

  7. After generating a preview you may create the video.

  8. Download, share or run campaigns for your video posts on socials.

For more information, check this FAQ page or contact VidyBack support.

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