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Poptin: Build Website Popups and Forms

Use the Poptin app to create smart pop-ups and inline contact forms for your Jumpseller store. After you install the Poptin app, please follow this following steps:

  1. Open the Poptin app, if you still don’t have a Poptin account, create a new account by entering your email and clicking on the “Sign Up” button

  2. After signing up, click on the “Go To Dashboard” button

  3. You’re good to go! You’ll be forwarded to the Poptin dashboard, and any popup you create in your Poptin account will automatically appear on your Jumpseller store (based on your triggers and targeting rules).

Your code is automatically installed on your Jumpseller website by the Poptin app. No need to Copy/Paste.

You can learn more about creating your first popup here, and find answers to common questions on our support center.

If you have further questions reach out to:

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