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Increase Traffic and Boost Sales with Google Commerce

Create product listings on multiple networks

Paid shopping ads

Use our Performance Max integration to create optimized ads for your products and show them on multiple Google Networks - Search, Shopping, Images, Maps, Discovery, YouTube, Gmail and more. You do not pay unless the user clicks your ad.

List products for free

Once your products are synced with the Merchant Center, you can also create free listings with a limited reach, which will be shown on the Shopping Tab. You can have Free Listing alongside paid campaigns as well.

Create product listings on multiple networks

Optimization to achieve business goals

Create asset groups

You create assets such as text, images, videos, logos and final URLs that are either related to a theme or an audience. These assets will serve as the basis for your ad campaigns.

Automated ads generation

Using machine learning, Google will pick and choose the best performing assets and auto generate ad formats that are eligible to serve across all networks.

Optimization to achieve business goals

Set it up with just a few clicks

Manage everything with Jumpseller

The product catalog from your store syncs with the Google Merchant Center, and your products are shown on Google while you manage everything from your Jumpseller store.

Detailed and valuable insights

Monitor campaign performance from your Jumpseller admin panel. See which audiences, creatives and other drivers are impacting performance to find new consumer insights and improve campaigns.

Manage everything with Jumpseller

Frequently asked questions

No, it is not necessary to pay to use this Sales Channel. Any of the Jumpseller Plans will give you free access to Google Commerce Sales Channel.

No, it is not necessary to have technical knowledge, since you just need to follow some simple steps to configure the Google Commerce Sales Channel. You can know more by checking our documentation.

Google collects product information from participating sellers and makes those products searchable for buyers. When buyers find what they’re looking for, they can go to the store’s website to buy it or they may be able to buy it on Google.

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