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Reach more shoppers everyday with Facebook

Connect your Facebook shop with a Jumpseller store

Sync your catalog

Synchronize your online store catalog with a Facebook Shop and get your products listed on Facebook with just a few clicks.

Sell on mobile devices

Increase conversion by giving shoppers a smooth shopping experience with the mobile-friendly design of our Facebook app.

Connect Your Facebook Shop with a Jumpseller Store

Boost your sales with Ads

Create dynamic Ads

Create ad campaigns aimed at customers who visited your products, thus targeting people who have already expressed interest in buying from your store.

Measure campaign results

Use Facebook tools to study customer behaviour, view important metrics, analyze costs and measure the overall results of your ad campaigns.

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Boost Your Sales with Ads

Frequently asked questions

No, it is not necessary to pay to use this Sales Channel. Any of the Jumpseller Plans will give you free access to Facebook Sales Channel.

Using Facebook Sales Channel you can reach a wider audience and apply targeted ads.

You don’t need a developer to install and synchronize the platforms. We have all the necessary steps on our documentation, and our support to make everything work.

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