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Olark chat app

This app will allow you to have a chat on your store in no time.


The service itself will allow you to do the following on their dashboard:

  • Customize the look of your site: make it look just as you intended your online store.

  • Real time reporting: you can monitor your activity and see how your customers are rating your customer service.

  • Automated messages: send your customers automatic messages based on their interaction with your store. Very useful, so you can get basic information and follow the conversation to give a human touch to the support you give.

  • Unlimited conversations: there is no limit to how many customers you can talk to.

  • Real time chat: every interaction with your customer is live, don’t make them wait for a reply.

How to install Olark live chat

  1. For this you will need to be registered on Olark. So just go to their website and check their pricing, along with detailed information.

  2. Once you are registered in Olark you will be prompted with a screen that gives you multiple choices on how to install the chat on your site, just pick the easiest way, in Jumpseller you just need your client ID of Olark. It looks like this:

  3. If you didn’t see it or skipped this step don’t worry, there is another way to get this code. For that, you will have to go to your dashboard on Olark and then click on Settings > Preferences > Instalation. It’ll show you the code to insert on your store, instead of copying that you will need the short code named SITE ID:

  4. Go to your admin panel in Jumpseller and then to Apps > Olark, click install. You will be prompted with a screen where you will be asked the Site ID, there you will paste it:

  5. That’s it, you now have a chat service that will empower your sales and customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i have to do any code?
No, there is no need to do code here, we made it very simple so you don’t have to do any difficult or boring steps.

Does Olark have any free plan available?
Yes, they have a free plan which limits the capabilities of the chat to the following: 1 agent, 20 chats per month, standard features. If you don’t find it in their site, you may access it here.

Do you have any article that talks about chats and customer support?
Yes we do, we have an article that talks about support and also mentions live chats.

If you have any further questions regarding the service itself, you are welcome to contact Olark otherwise, we would be glad to help you anytime, just contact us on our support channel.

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