How to install Google Shopping

Using the Google Shopping App with Jumpseller Apps

In this article, we talk about how to setup and install the Google Shopping App for your Jumpseller store.


Jumpseller’s Google Shopping App allows you to easily manage your products on your Google Merchant Center account, choosing which ones to submit automatically and keep them updated without many hassels.


  1. Introduction to Google Shopping
  2. Setting Up the App
  3. Product Listing

Introduction to Google Shopping

Google shopping incorporates Google Ads and Google Merchants, the idea behind it is when a search query is entered by a person which matches a relevant product from the Google Shopping database, it is shown in the search results with a picture, price and description of the product.


While there is now a separate search section for Shopping on Google where products can be searched directly and compared with between different vendors.


Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is where you create your product feed. To create successful ads for your products, it is important to submitting your product data to Google in the right format.

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Google Ads

Previously known as AdWords, Google ads is where your create campaigns, set your budget, manage your bids, gain insights, and make optimizations based on the performance.

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Compared to the Text Ads, the Google Shopping Ads are a bit different. Keywords are more important for text ads, when you create campaigns and ads it is all focused around keywords that you have selected. However, with Google Shopping, it is Google who determines when a product listing ads show up. Similar to SEO, Google here consider your site, feed and bids to determine what search queries should trigger your ads.

Setting Up the App

In order for the application to work properly, the first thing to keep in mind is that when you install it, a new account will be created in the Google Merchant Center and you will have to claim ownership of your website.

Important: If you already have a Google Merchant Account and you want to use it along with our app, you need to transfer that account under our Google Merchant Multiclient Account. If you want to do so, please send your Google Merchant ID to This change is manually done by Google so it may take a few weeks to be completed.

  1. Go to the Apps Section on the admin panel of your store and click on Gallery, here you will see the Google Shopping App, click to install it. Google Shopping App

  2. Login with your Google Account. Login Google Shopping App

  3. Verify your store URL. Verify Domain Google Shopping App

  4. Paste the code into the Code Editor as indicated. Paste Code Google Shopping App

  5. Claim your store. Claim URL Google Shopping App

Product Listing

Once you have set up your account, you will see all your products listed. Now you are able to select which products you want to submit to the feed just by flipping the switch. Enabling or disabling the product will automatically insert or remove the product from the feed. All the products load disabled by default.

Product Listing Google Shopping App

What does the Verify button do?

If you click the verify button it will query Google Merchant Center about your product status. A product can have these status:

  • Green and Enabled: The product configuration is correct and the product shows in your Google Shopping feed.
  • Red and Enabled: The product configuration is not correct but the product shows in your Google Shopping feed.
  • Red and Disabled: The product does not shows in your Google Shopping feed.
  • Yellow: The product is still being evaluated by Google.

If you need to know why your product configuration is not correct, you can place your mouse pointer on the red light and get a message about an error.

Product Listing Google Shopping App

If you need more information about Google Shopping please go to Google Merchant Center