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Pushnews App

What is Pushnews?

Pushnews is a set of marketing tools aimed to help you sell more and engage with your audience. We offer several products such as Push Notifications, Cart Recovery and OnSite messages, that are easy to use and proven to help your business grow.

How to install the App?

While logged in to your Jumpseller store, go to Apps and search for “Pushnews”. Click on it and then click on “Install App”. There should be a consent screen asking for permissions, please click “Allow”. That’s it! Pushnews was successfully installed on your Jumpseller store.

Do I need to create a Pushnews account?

No. By installing the Pushnews App on the Jumpeseller admin area a Pushnews account will automatically be created.

Is the Pushnews account free?

By signing up via Jumpseller you’ll get 14 days of free usage. After that we ask you to consider subscribing to a paid plan. More details at

How do I access Pushnews?

After installing the App, there should be a link to access Pushnews.

Can I access Pushnews outside of Jumpseller?

Yes. Just ask for a password reset at and then you can access Pushnews with your login and password at

How can I get in contact with Pushnews?

We will be very happy to chat with you! Just head over to our website and use the chat or send us an email to

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