Jumpseller has different plans, tailored for companies at different stages of their business. We have 4 plans: Basic, Plus, Pro and Premium.

The differences between Basic and Plus plan are:

  • Basic plan does not allow you to edit the HTML of our Theme, only the Theme Assets (CSS files, JS files, etc)
  • Basic plan does not allow you to Edit the HTML of your Emails
  • Basic does not entitle you to a free domain name (.com, .net or .org)
  • Basic plan is limited for 12 months only (after your first year you should upgrade to Plus)

The differences between Plus and Pro plan are:

  • Plus plan does not allow you to View, Add or Edit Customers at your Admin Panel
  • Plus plan does not allow you to Add Promotions

The differences between Pro and Premium plan are:

  • Premium entitles you to Phone Support
  • Premium allows you to have custom SSL certificates at your store front-end (all Jumpseller stores have SSL certs).
  • Premium allows you to have domains (p.e. www.mystore.es) associated to a languages (p.e. Spanish)
  • Premium allows you to send emails (p.e. sales orders) from your custom email address (p.e. sales@mystore.com instead of no-reply@jumpseller.com)


Does Basic, Plus, Pro or Premium include custom email accounts

(p.e. sales@mycompany.com)?

No, Jumpseller is not an email provider. Check G Suite(paid) or Zoho Mail(free). Read more.

What’s the bandwidth / storage limit on any plan?

For regular stores, selling physical products, with images and text, there are no bandwidth costs associated. For stores selling digital products, like music and video, the cost of storage and transfer out needs to be factored in their subscription plan.

Storage Pricing

The pricing below is based on data uploaded and saved at your Jumpseller store:

  • Up to 10GB storage = Free (most stores)
  • Store 10GB = 1USD / month
  • Store 100GB = 10USD / month
  • Store 1000GB (1TB) = 120USD / month

Data Transfer (bandwidth)

The pricing below is based on data transferred "out" of Jumpseller (downloaded):

  • Up to 10GB = Free (most stores)
  • Up to 100GB = 0.3USD / per GB
  • Up to 1000GB (1TB) = 0.2USD / per GB
  • Up to 10000GB (10TB) = 0.15USD / per GB
  • Up to 100000GB (100TB) = 0.1USD / per GB