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Setting Up Administrator Accounts

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With Jumpseller, you have the options to create separate accounts and define their roles according to your requirements. This way, you keep your account private and secure by not having to share it. With Jumpseller, you have the possibility to create and add accounts for your online store with ease.

In this article, we take you through all the steps to manage your store’s accounts:

  1. At the bottom left on the sidebar, click on Accounts. Here, you can see the details regarding the current accounts, their role and permissions. When you create a Jumpseller store, an administrator account is automatically created for the store.


  2. To Create/Add new accounts, click on Create Account button on the top right corner.


  3. Now, you should be on the page where you enter details for the new account. Please enter all the required data.


  4. Once you have entered all the details you can select a pre-defined role, which includes administrator, manager or designer.

    Designer - Has access to themes, pages and settings. But menu option will not be visible on the left menu bar and not be able to open the full page.

    Manager - Can access the dashboard, orders, products, customers and promotions. But menu option will not be visible on the left menu bar and not be able to open the full page.

    Administrator - Has access to all sections of the Admin Panel and all permissions to edit all sections.

    Logistics - Has access to the necessary permissions required to do management related tasks for the store owner.

    Customised account - If you are a premium plan subscriber, you can create a customised account, which means you decide what permissions to give to the user.


  5. Once you’re done, click on the Save button and if you go to the accounts page again, you can see the new account that has been created. When you create an account, the person in whose name the account has been created, will receive an email.


  6. You can log out of your current account and log in to the new account you created to check if everything works.

Important information

  • You can not delete your own account and change your permissions when you are logged in with your own account.

  • Access to your store via the Jumpseller API is provided with individual account keys and the keys are generated for each new account.