Jumpseller provides the communication tools you need to send and receive information about orders. These tools include custom email messages you can send to your buyers about completed orders or requests to complete orders pending in the shopping cart. As the store owner, you can also immediately receive notifications of orders directly in your web browser.

  1. Email Messages
  2. Order Push Notifications
  3. Cart Recovery via Email
  4. FAQ about Emails

Email Messages

Email messages sent from your store can be customized. There are 6 email messages you can customize with your store's email editor.

  • New Order - Email sent for every new Order
  • Order Paid - Email sent when an Order is marked as Paid
  • Order Shipped - Email sent when an Order is marked as Shipped
  • Order Canceled - Email sent when an Order is marked as Canceled
  • Order Abandoned - Email sent when an Order is Abandoned at checkout.
  • New Contact - Email sent to you when your Customers contact you

Email editor

Your store's custom email messages can be managed with your store's email editor. The editor allows you to edit/update HTML and in addition the email has a "Preview" tab. You can find the email editor within your store's adminstration section in:

Settings >>> Emails

Email editor

Order Push Notifications

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are clickable messages that are sent by a website to their subscribers' web browser. The Complete Guide to Website Push Notifications for E-commerce

Enable push notifications for orders

Currently your store has an option to enable push notifications for orders.

You can enable this option in your store's adminstration section in:

Settings >>> Notifications

Enable Order Notifications

If a customer places an order and you are logged into your store's adminstation section, your web browser will notify you of orders.

Order Notifications

Cart Recovery via Email

When products are in your store's cart and an order is not completed, you can now automatically send emails to customers to complete their order.

Enable cart recovery email.

Currently your store has an option to enable cart recovery email.

You can enable this option in your store's adminstration section in:

Settings >>> Emails >>> Order Abandoned

Remember to check "Automatically send this email on every order". You can do additional edits to the email message as well.


I cannot receive emails from my store's Contact Form or Sales Orders. Why?

Due to the great number of emails sent by our email (noreply@jumpseller.com) spam filters, especially Google Mail, might mark them as SPAM.

What you should do is:

  1. Add noreply@jumpseller.com to your List of Contacts

  2. Search for all emails from noreply@jumpseller.com at your SPAM and marked them as NONSPAM.

Read more about it on Google

My emails are not being sent? How can Jumpseller’s support help?

There are several reasons for an email not being sent. Firstly, we need to confirm there’s not a problem with your email inbox and use our own email, support@jumpseller.com, to test it out.

Please do the following:

  1. At your Admin Panel > Configuration > Email > Orders Paid add support@jumpseller.com to the list of email’s recipients

  2. Create a Test Order with a Manual Payment (like a Bank Transfer) or a real one you prefer :)

  3. At your Admin Panel > Orders set this New Order’s Status to “Paid”.

  4. Confirm with Jumpseller’s Support that the email “Order Paid” has been received (or not).

  5. If no email is received by Jumpseller we have just confirmed this problem.

Emails are being sent from noreply@jumpseller.com. Can they be sent from name@mystore.com?

Sure, sending emails from your own domain is a better experience for you and your clients.

We have this option available for all Premium Plan customers.