7 Types of Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online

Selling Digital Products/Services can be one of the most gratifying business ventures, if you take care of two things, have a great online store and have a good product/service. For a product or service to be digital it has to be available in an intangible format.

7 Types of Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online


E-books are one of the most common and popular digital products.

This format can be offered for free or at a price defined by the author.

It can be created as a PDF (the most basic kind) or other formats to be read in electronic fashion (MOBI for Kindle, EPUB, etc.).

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You have many options within the realm of E-books, you can go for writing a novel, short stories, comics, articles and so on.

You can choose the topic/subject you feel you are well equipped to write about and start from there. Who knows, you might be the next J.K. Rowling!

Audio Products

Most of us go through the phase of being in a music band in high school, or simply jamming with some friends, perhaps even starting a YouTube channel, but if you are one of those who actually takes it seriously and has Songs, Jingles,

Beats or Covers, etc. that people will enjoy, you should set up an online show and try to sell your work.

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If you feel you are good at talking, interviewing or someone people will listen to, you can do Podcasts.

With podcasts you can earn money doing advertising, if you start a Podcast channel and your listeners increase in number, companies will approach you to be featured on your Podcast.

Another option to earn money with audio products is providing Voice Over services, this can be very profitable especially if you are fluent in multiple languages.


If you have a good eye for Photography, you can be set to make a decent living.

Having an online store that does not charge you a fee/commission per sale, enables you with the opportunity to set a good price for your photos and get lots of customers.

Today, there is a lot of emphasis on digital marketing and content creations.

Photos are a must have to add to the visual appeal of a product or service so photographers will always be called upon by the business world.

One trick would be to diversify your photography subjects/themes so you can broaden your spectrum of customers.

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Research and Projects

Many students have a hard time in college/university with Projects.

If you have the skills to carry out good research or can work with statistics, excel, data analysis, etc., then you can fill that gap in the market.

Have your website where you layout your expertise and the costs of doing specific tasks.

Market it to the target audience and you will have yourself a stable profitable business.

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Another option could be to sell your own projects you have done in the past.

If you think you conducted a resourceful study, a report on internet security for example or have data that can be valuable to businesses, you can sell it online as well.

However, make sure there are no legal repercussions for selling that particular data.


Anything from yoga, cooking, programming to teaching guitar!

If you have the capability of creating good tutorial videos or even a blog, you can sell them!

You can even make money from advertising when you have more traffic to your website for things like weekly webinars or workshops.

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Most apps are sold on app stores like Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

However, if you have developer skills there is no reason you cannot sell your products on other forums.

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Create games for smartphones or PC. Small apps to teach children, pet monitoring, it could be anything that fills a gap in the market or is innovative and fresh.

Put up trailers and samples for marketing and advertising, link a youtube page to your online store.

If you have a creative, original product, you will earn a strong following in no time.

Digital Art

Think you are a good designer?

Think you have sellable artwork? You should have a catalog of your work.

Create your online store and post everything for public viewing, you can end up getting a lot of admirers, fans and potentially sell your work.

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There is a lot of market for digital artwork nowadays.

You can even take orders and provide customized work for blogs, social media, design company logos, themes and countless other products.

Learn more about How to Sell Art Online.

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