For small-scale businesses, 2018 presents as good an opportunity as any to establish themselves online. If you are wondering about how to find products to Sell Online in 2018, you can stop now! Looking at the market trends, we have come up with a list of products expected to be in high demand for the year 2018. Not only these products are in demand right now, they should also be a safe bet for the long term. So, let us go through the list of popular products to sell online:

Organic Food And Drinks

With issues like climate change and environmental disaster coming to fray, people have become more conscientious, and are looking to buy products that morally feel like the correct choice. Dropshipping is a not the way to sell food, it's better to start small and look for establishing yourself in the local market. Here is a list of products expected to be in demand:

  1. Handmade Frozen Yogurts

  2. Detox Tea

  3. Gluten Free Products

  4. Plant Protein Products

  5. Handmade Cakes and Deserts

  6. Matcha


Going green is the way to move forward, many people have a new sense of commitment to the cause of recycling their own waste. And there are a lot of product types to offer like waste multi-compartment bins, recycling bags, can crushers and many more. Creating an Online Store for such products is sure to get you a lot of customers. Finding the right audience will be easy too, as the market is clearly segmented with regards to recycling-related products, so you know exactly where to focus your marketing strategies.


Phone Accessories

In 2018, it is expected that the number of mobile phone users will rise. Meaning Phone Accessories will be in high demand! While some people are always looking to buy cheap, innovative products to make their cell phone usage more effective and efficient, get more protective gear, even looking to style it up! Within this industry, there are many products to sell, these products could be found at marketplaces like Alibaba and sold using dropshipping. Here is a list of popular items to sell:

  1. Touchscreen Gloves

  2. Headphones

  3. Bluetooth earbuds

  4. Portable USB Chargers

  5. Phone Covers

  6. Cell Phone Stabilizer (Mount)


Good Quality/Lasting Products

Gone is the trend for cheap products! Rather than buying stylish looking inexpensive products with questionable quality standards, people are making long-term purchase decisions. Going for quality, even if it means paying more. And they are sure to browse online first in order to search for the best prices before going into physical stores. Therefore, it would be a good idea to sell products like:

  1. Wallets

  2. Belts

  3. Shoes

  4. Frames for glasses


Indoor Herb Planting/Gardening Accessories

Since more and more people are buying such products to make their indoors greener, fresher and not to mention the emergence of herb planting indoors has seen a surge in market demand, it is a good time to start a brand focused on Indoor Planting/Gardening Accessories. Especially people who live in smaller homes and do not have a garden, who try to replace the same feeling by having a “greenery” indoors. These products can prove to be highly profitable if the marketing is done right.


Men's Grooming Products

With the increasing popularity of Beards, men grooming products have gained attention and it is still a good time to sell such products. An Online Store that solely caters to the men's grooming segment is bound to be a hit. As a lot of men search for these things on the internet and buy them online instead of heading down to physical stores, it is easier for them to investigate the products and read the reviews. Popular products include:

  1. Organic oil specifically for beards and mustaches

  2. Beard and Moustache Combs

  3. Hair Trimmers and Clippers


Themed/Fandom Products

Batman, Ironman, Wonder Woman, there are so many heroes in Hollywood right now! You could be one in the real world too if you decide to open an online store for selling superhero themed clothes and merchandise. There is a huge market for this right now, and various options in terms of products to sell. Popular products include:

  1. Clothes

  2. Action Figures

  3. Bags

  4. Cosplay Costumes


Products For Pets

An industry on the rise is Pet Care! There is tons of content on the internet just talking about Pet Care, better-informed pet owners have given the industry a new life. Now the target audience is much bigger and easier to reach, creating an Online Store for products like organic food for pets, glowing dog leash, portable water bottles and clothes for pets, etc. There is a variety of products that can be sold in an Online Store.


Personalized Gifts and Homemade Items

If you want to catch people's attention, the word “homemade” is always useful! On a serious note, this is a good year to sell homemade products, anything from food, small furniture, clothes or even grooming products! If you have an online store, dedicated to selling Homemade Items, you are bound to do well.

Personalized gifts are something that will be constantly popular. Who does not want a gift that is made specifically for them! You can either create such products yourself (If you create your own crafts) or you can even partner up with someone who does.


Influencer Services

Marketing using influencers in on the rise, and all companies big or small are searching for the right influencers to help market their products and services. This creates a gap in the market that has not entirely been filled yet, it is still hard to find authentic influencers. If you fell like you can get people together from different fields of interest, having a large network and social media following, you can run a good Influencer Marketing Agency


Travel Accessories

One of the most booming niches is the Travel Accessories Products! More and more people are looking to travel abroad, and they all want to travel light. There have been so many products in this domain that have gained popularity, be it microfiber towels, smart backpacks/suitcases or small belt packs (waist packs). People want to make their travel easier and packing is a big part of that. Products that make packing less stressful and convenient will always be in high demand. Plus, a good option for dropshipping!


Although vaping has been more popular in recent years, people are still intrigued by vaping related products. There’s a big market for vaping cartridges, different styles of vapers and other accessories. The size of the target audience interested in e-cigarettes and vaping has also increased.

This year there will be in demand products since there are a lot of product types to sell within this industry. Of course, there are certain laws around the sale of such products which vary per country. Nevertheless, vaping related products could be ideal to sell online and internationally, with growing demand and product variety. This is also a good option to explore if you are going for a dropshipping business.


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