People say it is hard to bring ideas to life, but if your idea is to create an online store, that statement does not apply to you. How to sell online? If you find the right e-commerce platform, half the job is already done! Creating an online store has never been easier and in this article, you will learn about the basic principles you need to follow to do it quickly and successfully.

how to start an online store


  1. Decide what to sell
  2. Define your business model
  3. No need for specialists
  4. Choose the right shopping cart
  5. Get your own domain
  6. Figuring out payment methods
  7. Go for optimization
  8. Test the store
  9. Set-Up Analytics
  10. Obsession with details
  11. Do not spend a fortune
  12. Spread the word
  13. Conclusion

Decide what to sell

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of setting up an online store, you must first have a somewhat idea of what product or service you want to sell. You do not need to have everything figured out, but at least having a narrowed down option would help you focus and make the process of store creation easier.

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Define your business model

What type of business will you be running? Will you need an inventory? Are you looking for Dropshipping? What type of product/service is it? A luxury, a commodity or something else. These are the questions that you will have to ask yourself sooner or later, and it is better to have them answered at the beginning of your journey. This will help to narrow down the layout of your store, figure out shipping options, select payment methods, design your store and much more.

No need for specialists

If you think are worried about not having any technical programming language knowledge, I can tell you now, that is not an obstacle. Of course, having programming language knowledge does help when starting an online store, nevertheless, it is not a requirement! Unless you require some sort of special customization, most times you can just use the themes and tools provided by online shopping carts.

Choose the right shopping cart

Probably the most important step on the list, to choose the right shopping cart. This is important for the long-term as well because it is not always easy to switch to another platform once the business has taken off. When selecting a shopping cart, do your research, see if the platform is well supported, has the features you require, has a variety of quality themes, is inexpensive, flexible to make basic customizations and most importantly smooth running on all type of tech products: computers, phones, tablets etc.

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Get your own domain

Having a customized URL is also important, to give your business that professional look and a branding footprint. Also, if you ever decide to switch shopping carts, you get to keep your domain name which is what your customers will know you as (Get a free domain). In the long term, if you have a personalized URL, it will be easier for your customers to remember and relate to it.

Figuring out payment methods

Once you have the store setup, you need to figure out the important issue of collecting payments for the product or service you sell. Now, this can be tricky as a lot of variables have to be considered, depending on the country you operate in. You have to check what types of payment gateways are most popular, then you also have to consider your target market and see how they would be willing to pay, do they prefer Bank Transaction, Cash on Delivery or maybe a Digital Payment gateways like PayPal. Sometimes, you might even have to integrate more than one.

See our guide for payment methods.

Go for optimization

Store optimization is really important as even if you have a good product or service if the website is not user-friendly, easy to navigate, visually attractive, fast etc it will be hard to hold on to visitors attention and make conversions. Also, work on search engine optimization and properly structure your store content to make it easier for Google to rank your online store in searches. For online stores, it is very important to have good traffic, because if you do not have visitors you will not sell.

Test the store

Before, going ahead with the marketing campaign of your online store, and spending money on Ads, it is wise to test it out, see if everything is working fine and if something can be improved. Remember, first impressions are important.

Set-Up Analytics

Something that all good businesses do is keep track of their customer habits and learn with it. The great thing about having an online store is that you have free tools like Google Analytics that you can use to see the data that otherwise would not be visible. You can target your audience, see how they arrived at your website, what is the most popular medium they use etc. This will also help you understand where to invest your marketing budget.

Obsession with details

Paying attention to details is a good thing, however, when it comes to starting an online store, do not let small details hold you back! Sure, there will be things that you cannot fix right away, but everything does not have to be perfect in your online store. So, try to do your best when creating a store, however, do not wait to launch a perfect product as timing can also be an important factor in the success or failure of a business.

Do not spend a fortune

Creating an online store does not require a lot of monetary investment. In fact, it is more about being persistent and giving it time. Most e-commerce platforms like Jumpseller, provide a 14-day free trial (extendable in the case of Jumpseller) which can be enough to get things rolling.

Spread the word

After you launch your store, make sure to make some Ads to start bringing in customers and to start gathering information about your client’s behaviors and preferences. Remember that having an online store create is not the end of the journey, it is only the beginning!

Note: Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook offer coupons all the time to test their platforms. It is a great way to start advertising on a small budget.


If you are planning to start an online store, do not wait forever. Follow the Jumpseller starting manual to learn how to create an online store and you will be selling in no time!