Jumpseller vs Shopify: Understanding the Differences!

In E-commerce today there is a vast number of shopping carts to choose from. And most of them do share similarities in principle, however, there are still key differences that are sometimes overlooked! Jumpseller has many advantages over Shopify! Let us take you through them.

Jumpseller vs Shopify: Understanding the Differences!

E-commerce has registered exponential growth in the last couple of years.

As a consequence, a whole range of online stores has appeared, creating a competitive landscape.

Nevertheless, Jumpseller continues to thrive and grow based on our key distinguishing factors.

If you are trying to decide on an e-commerce platform for your business, you may be considering choosing between Jumpseller and Shopify. While both platforms offer benefits, we will discuss why Jumpseller is superior to Shopify.

In this article, we take you through the key differences between Shopify and Jumpseller and why you should choose Jumpseller.

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No Transaction Fees and Lower Subscription Cost

Unlike Shopify, at Jumpseller no Transaction Fees are charged, so for each sale you make no percentage is taken!

In case you want to test both platforms, Shopify only gives a 3-day trial period and doesn’t allow you to start selling till you subscribe to a paying plan. With Jumpseller you can give it a try for 14 days for free and start selling right out of the gate.

Jumpseller also offers a significantly lower subscription fee when compared to Shopify and a free custom domain that comes included in most plans. Unlike Shopify, which charges a certain amount per year for the acquisition and maintenance of a custom domain.

Comparing, for example, the plans Jumpseller Plus and Shopify Basic (paid monthly), and assuming an average order value of 25$:

  • For 500$ monthly revenue:

    pricing lower
    • Jumpseller Plus - 21$ (cost of the plan) + 5.80$ (0.29$ per fulfillment) + 0.00$ (0% transaction cost) = 26.80$ per month
    • Shopify Basic - 29$ (plan cost) + 0.00$ (0.00$ per transaction) + 10$ (2% transaction cost) = 39.00$ per month
  • For 2000$ monthly revenue:

    pricing higher
    • Jumpseller Plus - 21$ (cost of the plan) + 23.2$ (0.29$ per fulfillment) + 0.00$ (0% transaction cost) = 44.20$ per month
    • Shopify Basic - 29$ (cost of the plan) + 0.00$ (0.00$ per fulfillment) + 40$ (2% transaction cost) = 69.00$ per month

We don’t consider the possibility of using Shopify payments feature since the list of countries where it is available is very limited so most likely merchants will have to use external payment gateways and be charged this percentage.

As you can see, either for smaller or larger businesses, with Jumpseller you end up with more money each month.

Local Shipping and Payment Methods

Both Jumpseller and Shopify offer international shipping and payment methods to their merchants. However, most customers are only interested in using the local solutions they already trust and understand.

Here’s where there’s a gap between the two platforms, Jumpseller is integrated with the most popular payment and shipping gateways that your customers use, making it easier to perform transactions and shipments.

Additionally, Jumpseller has an integrated feature for custom shipping labels for each of our markets. With Shopify, you need to use an external shipping label app.

Finally, you also have access to automated invoicing, local currencies, and much more! Everything you need to start selling both globally and locally with ease.

local payment

Multi-Language Feature

A store that can be seen in multiple languages is more than a requirement in the current e-commerce landscape, customers already consider it something to be expected and will most likely leave when confronted with a website that doesn’t allow that.

Jumpseller provides a great Multi-Language feature, which allows you to automatically translate and add different languages, whereas Shopify requires the installation of an external app to do so, as well as a multi-language compatible theme.

A global website can’t truly be successful if you and your collaborators can’t understand what the interface in your admin panel is saying. That’s why this feature also translates it to whichever language you and your team need.

Additionally, in case you want to change a particular translation, this feature allows you to customize each language translation in your store through an easy-to-use interface.


Native Digital Products Feature

Digital products have seen a boom in interest from customers around the world since they can be instantly accessible and can be sold to as many people as you want without ever running out of stock unless you decide to.

These digital products can range from research projects, e-books, high-quality photographs, and much more.

Jumpseller platform has a free feature called “Digital products” that allows you to sell products such as online tickets, photos, etc., unlike Shopify, where you need to use an external app to sell digital products on your online store.

Local Professionals

In the digital space, it may seem like every website has the same requirements for design, content, the structure of the pages, and much more. However, like the physical space, online stores in different countries should be adapted to the particularities of that space.

That’s where local professionals come in, to help you personalize your store so that you optimize it to its full potential and target local customers.

In case you want to take your store customization to the next level and lack the technical knowledge, Jumpseller has a group of local agencies and designers to help you achieve your store’s vision, instead of having to resort to foreign agencies like with Shopify.

High-Quality Local Support

At a certain point, everyone needs a bit of help with a certain feature or doubt, that’s when having someone that speaks the same language as you makes a big difference.

No need to go to Google and try to convey what you want in a foreign language as each minute you spend doing that is time that could be used to set up your store and begin selling.

Jumpseller really stands out because of its quality support services, with a success rate of over 90% for support tickets and a multilingual support team from around the world to help you with anything you need.

On the other hand, with Shopify, unless you are lucky to know the specific languages they speak, there’s a lack of variety of languages available for live chat.

local support

Privacy - Your Data

In a world where the competition in the e-commerce space is increasingly fierce and data-centered, every piece of information can be used to get an advantage over the competition.

When you sell through Shopify, certain store and customer data is shared by default with your competitors using Shopify Plus through Shopify Audiences. This can lead to decreased demand for your own products as they will be the target of ads for your competitor products.

To avoid getting the customers you acquired through time and investment poached by competitors, choose Jumpseller, we never share any of your store’s information with other stores or merchants.

Import your products to Jumpseller

If you currently have a Shopify store with all your products and data, you can easily migrate to Jumpseller.

With our import tool, you can seamlessly have your WooCoomerce inventory show up on your new Jumpseller store.

All you need is to go to:

  1. Create a Jumpseller store.
  2. Go to your Administration Panel
  3. Click on Products from the sidebar menu
  4. Select the Import option
  5. Click Other Platform.
  6. Select the platform from which you need to import products.
  7. Download the sample CSV and use it to enter your data.
  8. Once your CSV is ready you can upload it to Jumpseller.

Our support team is ready to assist you if you are unsure or have questions. Simply contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.


In conclusion, Jumpseller can be considered a better e-commerce platform than Shopify for several reasons.

Jumpseller offers a better pricing structure for growing sales, flexible local payment and shipping options, extensive language options for both the store and the admin panel, native digital products feature, partnership with local professionals, and high-quality local customer support that you can count on.

With Jumpseller, you can easily create a professional online store that is tailored to your specific needs and to your sector’s needs, helping you grow your business and increase your revenue.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient e-commerce platform, Jumpseller is the way to go.

Create your store today with Jumpseller and enjoy a 14-day free trial period.

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Free trial for 14 days. No credit card required.