Simple Theme

Designs that inspire

Our default theme Simple is suitable for almost any type of company. As a minimalist theme Simple is easy to configure, making it a popular choice for our merchants!

Reasons to choose Simple

Fast and Lightweight

The clean code together with a minimalist design makes it a very fast theme.

Promote your collections

Has a block of 4 beautiful banners where you can post images and links.

Mobile-Friendly Design

On mobile devices, works like a charm and looks dynamic!

Instagram Gallery

The neatly placed Instagram gallery makes your store look more vibrant!


Smart integrated blog accessible right from the front page.

Clean Checkout

Fast, secure and easy to navigate the checkout page.

Related Products

Display related products on every single product page based on the current product's category.

Additional Currencies

Allow your store visitors to switch currencies using the correct exchange rate.

Fixed Header

Fix the header/menu on the top of your page to show during scroll.

Get That Professional Look

Designs that inspire

Colors and Fonts

In the theme options you can configure the font type and colors that best suit your brand.

Easy Customization for the Homepage

Change the images of your slider, add banners for your main categories, choose what type of products you want to display, show your latest blog posts or add your Instagram gallery.

Set up Multiple Currencies

With the help of the Open Exchange Rates API, you can give your customers the option to see prices in different currencies.

Inner Pages

All Jumpseller themes have

Responsive Layouts
A Clean Interface
SEO Friendly
Built-in Translation System
Google Fonts
Editable Theme Options
Payment Methods Logos
Simplicity to Edit & Extend
Fast Human Support

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