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Platform Limits

Record Limits

In order to ensure each stores stability and maximize performance, we implement soft-limits on certain sections of the platform. Please note that these limits are enforced in both the admin panel and our API. These limits include:

Item Limit
Products per Store 10000
Variants per Product 300
Images per Product 50
Promotions 300
Custom Pages 300
Categories 1000
Customers 100000
Filters per Category 10
Products per Cart 100 different products
Fulfillments per Manifest 25 different fulfillments

The above limits are enforced in the Admin Panel and when you have exceeded a limit, we’ll display an information alert. API also has limits to ensure it’s good usage. These rate limits depend on the plan and cannot be changed.

Please contact our support if you have special requirements that require your online store to go above this limit.

File Size Limits

Item Formats Allowed Size Limit
Product Images jpg, jpeg, gif, png 2MB
Product Attachments All 5GB
Digital Products All 5GB
Product Options Uploads All 10MB
Product Description Images jpg, jpeg, gif, png 2MB
Category Images jpg, jpeg, gif, png 2MB
Page Body Images jpg, jpeg, gif, png 2MB
Theme Editor Assets liquid, png, gif, jpeg, jpg, pjpeg, svg, ico, css, csv, html, plain, rtf, xml, js, mp4, mpeg, ogg, ogv, webm, avi, mpeg, mov, qtff, webm, flv, ttf, pdf, gzip, zip, swf, ttf, eot, tiff, woff, woff2, cur 5MB

Limits on trial period

Item Limit
Orders on trial period 150
Own domain on trial period? No
Uploaded CSV files per day 3


Can I change one of these limits?

Contact us. We can open an internal request to evaluate the underlying costs and feasibility of this change.

Will this change affect the performance of my store?

All the stability and performance tests are applied using the limitations described on this page. A small change might not affect the performance, however big changes will most likely alter the normal operations on your admin panel.

I changed one limit and now something is broke. What can I do?

Contact us if this happens. Our support team will take action to ensure the stability of your store.

Review all recommended sizes here: Image Sizes per Theme

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