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How to create and manage Pages for your Online Store

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Using our CMS it is easy to create and manage pages. You should have information about “Shipping” or “About us”, it helps in creating a closer relationship between consumers and online shop. Pages for Privacy and Cookies privacies, mandatory in some countries, can also be build using this feature.

Let us guide you through this process.

On your Admin Panel go to Pages > Add Page.

On Page editor, you will find the following sections:

  • Title: In the first box you enter the title of the page. In the second box, you can add content you want to display on that page; from embedding a marketing campaign video directly from Youtube to uploading pictures from each of your team members, on this section you will find several different options to enrich your page content.
    • HTML Editor: You can also click on the first icon under the Title box and get access to the HTML editor and work on the page there.
    • Page Translation: Below the descriptions box, you have an option to translate the page in the languages you have added for your store (To get more options, you can more languages from your admin panel).


  • Page State In the properties section, manage the page status:
    • Public: The page is published and visible on the store.
    • Draft: The page is unpublished because it is still in a draft.
    • Hidden: The page is published but only accessible via permalink. Imagine that you want to create a secondary page for a seasonal campaign (e.g. Christmas) but do not display it on the store’s menu during the rest of the year.
  • Category: Use categories to group, organize and filter your pages.


  • Theme: Let’s say you are creating a special promotions page. To use a specific image to show as the background of the text for that particular page, or on a sidebar, you can go to the “Theme - Code editor” and create a new template for a Page (this means creating new HTML, CSS etc from scratch). After you save it in the code editor, it will become available in the select box.

    Note: You can also create a page without a layout, choosing “None” at the template selector. The content type of your page will depend on the page permalink. For example, the content type of .../page1.js will be application/javascript.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) This is how your page will be displayed in search results such as Google Search. You need to click on “Enable edition” and then add a title and fill in the appropriate Meta Description. Please note that a permalink for each page of the type (e.g. is automatically generated. If you want to change it, just click on the Edit button next to your permalink.
    • Manage Redirects: This will opens a modal where you can manage the URL redirects of your store you can set redirects for example; to redirect to
      Note the page that you are redirecting to, needs to exist as a permalink for the relevant products / categories / pages. That’s what the select in the right side shows when you open the modal.


  • Image: Finally, you can add a title image to your page! For example, this can be used to create and customize a banner. For further uses of the image option, please review our Blog feature.

It is also important to mention that page categories are used by designers on custom templates to better organize it. For example, including on “Company” menu with several links to related pages such as “About us”, “Team” and “Mission”. If you want to delete a page, then you have to click on delete. You can also reorder the pages list just by dragging & dropping items, which is displayed as per the order by which they are arranged on the storefront.

If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


How can I create a Terms and Conditions page

  1. Create a Page with all of your conditions and terms of service in your Admin Panel > Pages

  2. Add this page to your Navigation Menu

  3. Create a mandatory Checkbox custom field in your Admin Panel > Settings > Checkout with the name “I Accept Terms and Conditions” (or similar)

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