Online Store Template


This is the theme every Jumpseller store starts with.

It has a nice minimal look allowing you to easily start selling with minimum friction.

The checkout process has been designed to be very quick taking just one step: the ordered products are followed by the checkout form in the same page.

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Responsive Design

Now your clients are able to visit your store and buy your products wherever they are.

Products can be bought with a tablet from a couch or from a smartphone while waiting in queue for a coffee.

Selling from everywhere will allow your business to grow easily and faster.

Online Store Theme
Check Theme
Ecommerce Template

Cart's Products Everywhere

One of the best features that Classic has is the option for the customer to keep track of the products added to the cart products.

The customer cart is placed on the top of any page, next to languages, and when you click the Cart icon the list of select products is displayed.

From that list you can directly delete a product or checkout your order.

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