Jumpseller Benefits for Education

Our love for e-commerce started back when we were in university taking programming classes, we saw its potential as being the future of modern shopping and we want all students, teachers, NGOs to be included by giving them the tools to perform the best way possible in order to be competitive in the current market. Therefore, we built this initiative to allow anyone to be able to request free access to Jumpseller's complete suite of features under any plan.


For teachers

  • Be an official teacher at an university.
  • Request benefit using your university e-mail (will be verified).

For students

  • Have a teacher request the usage of Jumpseller for you or a group of students. Or request it using your university e-mail (e-mail will be verified).
  • Be an active student in your university. Our team may ask for documentation.
  • Only available for Colombia, Mexico and Peru.


  • Request using organization's corporate e-mail.
  • Send organization's supporting registration documents.
  • Send project details on which Jumpseller will be used for.

Restrictions: can't remove Jumpseller's link on the footer of the store. Can't add custom domain. All accounts will be limited to 60 confirmed paid orders.


  • Use Jumpseller on any plan.
  • Use all features available.
  • Support via e-mail only.
  • Access to newsletters and webinars.

How to apply


  • Have the minimum conditions met.
  • Submit request
  • If approved you will be requested a list on an excel sheet with the list of students that will be participating in the program.


  • Have the minimum conditions met.
  • Create an online store in (Jumpseller)[/] this is to be the store used for educational purpose.
  • Submit request
  • We will contact you as soon as your request is approved.


  • Have the minimum conditions met.
  • Submit request
  • We will schedule a call on how to obtain the benefit and see if there is any other conditions that may apply.


Can i get a refund of what i already paid to Jumpseller before being part of the Student & NGO Program? If you have been paying Jumpseller, we can't refund or discount payments made before being part of this program.

All requests are accepted? No, there will be a process in which we will review your request and if you comply with our conditions we will e-mail you back with a positive or negative reply or asking for further documentation to support your case.

When i reach 60 paid orders, can i request extra days? Yes, we will review your case and we can extend the period of your store or deny it if it does not comply to Jumpseller's conditions & restrictions.

I was in the program and now i want to become a merchant, can i do it with the same account? Yes, you can do so. You will have to write an email to team@jumpseller.com so we can review your request and remove you from this program and turn it into a regular one, without restrictions.

Disclosure: We reserve the right to end the discount program due to abuse or non compliance of our conditions.