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How to configure Sender embedded and pop-up forms

How to add a newsletter registration pop-up form to your store

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  1. Firstly, make sure you have integrated Sender with Jumpseller.

  2. Then, in your Sender account, go to Forms and select “Create a new form” if you haven’t already. Follow this tutorial for creating a pop-up form. To edit an existing form, click the arrow button next to “Overview” and choose “Edit.”

  3. Before moving forward, make sure to edit the form behavior settings to your liking. These can be set in Forms -> Arrow button (next to your pop-up form) -> Edit.



  4. Once you have finished editing, click Save and Continue.

  5. In the Overview page, under Activity summary, enable the form by switching the toggle.


  6. That’s it! Your form will now appear on your website according to your chosen behavior settings.

How to add an embedded subscription form to your store

  1. Access your Sender account, navigate to Forms, and select “Create a new form” if you don’t have one yet. Refer to this tutorial for creating an embedded form. To edit an existing form, click the arrow button next to “Overview” and choose “Edit.”


  2. Once you have an embedded form, click the “Overview” button beside it.


  3. On this page, you’ll find the Activity summary, Form URL, QR code for the form, and integration instructions.


  4. In the integration instructions, locate the form’s script (embedded forms consist of two script parts).


  5. With your scripts prepared, go to your Jumpseller store: Admin Panel > Themes > Visual Editor.


  6. Navigate to General settings -> Edit Settings -> Other options.

  7. Insert the first script into “Embed code on the end of <head>” and the second one into “Embed code on the end of <body>.”

  8. Save the changes.

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