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Manage your Product Custom Fields

What are Product Custom Fields Used For?

Let’s imagine you are launching a new casual T-shirt collection on your own store. At the Custom Fields section you can, for instance, include information about product attributes as brand, design (for example super heroes, music bands, etc) any kind of information that won’t generate a product variant.

For example a t-shirt can have several sizes (variants) but not several brands (custom field).

Custom Fields are shown in a slightly different way in the product page, depending on the theme.

In Mega Theme will look like this:

Product Custom Fields

And in Simple Theme, like this:

Product Custom Fields

Types of Custom Fields

There are thre types of custom fields:

  • Input Field: Used to add some informative text to the product.
  • Text Area: Used to add some informative text to the product. It allows more characters than the input field.
  • Select List: This is the more powerful of the custom fields. This kind of custom field can be used as product filters.

Advanced Use of Custom Fields: They can be used in programming routines to accomplish extra functionalities. For example, you can add a select list custom field called “Regions” and then, develop some code to show an icon or a flag image on product page, depending on selected region. See example below. Learn how to use custom fields in snippets to develop advanced features.

Product Custom Fields

Adding Custom Fields

To add a new custom field, go to Manage Custom Fields, then select from the list the type of custom field you want to create and add a label to it.

Product Custom Fields

Once it is created, if is a Select List type custom field, add values to it:

Using Custom Fields as Filters

If you have access to our Product Filters feature, you can set “Select List” product option type as a filter.

How to associate product variants with custom fields

It is possible to associate variants with custom fields. If the Custom Field is of type “Input Field” or “Text Area” it will automatically be applied to all variants. However, if it is of type “Selection List” you can detail which variant has such custom (note that by default it will apply to all variants).

Product Custom Fields

Since “Selection” custom fields can have multiple values, it is possible to add that custom field up to a maximum of n (n being the number of custom fields values’ options), where values’ options are only the available ones.

In the example below, when “Model” custom field is only added once, all 4 options are available. After adding the custom field a second time, since option “Mini” is already in use, only the other three are available.

Product Custom Fields Product Custom Fields

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