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Advanced Plan - Jumpseller

Frequently bought together products

Suggest products based on your store’s order history

During the purchase, recommend related products that other customers often buy together.

Use optimized data to sell more

Jumpseller’s algorithm analyses your store's recent order history and creates a set of products that customers are likely to be interested in buying together.

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Advanced Plan - Jumpseller

Smart cross-selling

Predict buyers' next move

Recommend products to buyers by email when they complete their order or when they are on the shopping cart page.

Accurately analyse customer’s behavior

The cross-selling algorithm processes the products that customers buy at different times, creating a collection of products that the customer might also be interested in buying in the future.

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Smart cross-selling

Sell more. Spend less.

Lower shipping rates

Our Advanced Plan gets you one of the best deals when it comes to shipping rates. Enjoy discounted rates and lower the cost of doing business.

Everything your e-commerce business needs to thrive

Top priority support: our customer support is lightning fast for all our clients, but it’s even faster for our Advance Plan members

Unlimited number of languages: reach new markets by configuring your store in multiple languages with our in-built tool.

Lower shipping rates

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