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Enterprise Plan

If you are a company that generates more than €30,000 a month and needs personalized attention or additional Jumpseller resources, then this plan is for you. Customers with this plan get a designated account executive, who will proactively advise you regarding how to use Jumpseller tools and features to help you increase the sales.

The plan is customized according to the client’s needs and has all the basic functions of the Premium plan, in addition to:

  • Designated executive
  • Personalized and priority support
  • Direct support through phone and whatsApp
  • Marketing Coaching
  • Smart cross-selling
  • Frequently bought together
  • No fee costs to generate shipping labels
  • Improved infrastructure and monitoring for high demand events
  • Unlimited API requests

Enterprise plan cost

The Enterprise plan has a base cost plus commissions depending on the following factors:

  • your sales number
  • special services that require Jumpseller (like specific design changes)
  • number of Jumpseller stores you want to include in your plan

How to hire the Enterprise plan

Minimum plan requirement: invoice more than €30,000 per month, if you do not invoice it monthly on your online store, write to us and we will analyse your case in the same way.

  1. You should write to (or complete the form at the end) saying that you want to obtain the Enterprise plan, explaining the specific needs you have and would like to have on this plan that cannot be met by any of the lower plans.
  2. We will schedule a Skype call to review all points in case your store is eligible for the Enterprise.
  3. An annual contract is signed with all the terms of the plan, in addition to an Annex that will contain your particular needs and that will be part of the service to be provided by Jumpseller.

General limitations of the Enterprise plan

  • Jumpseller will not provide support or development for external services (Integrations for example).
  • There will be no administration, configuration or operational management in the store, Jumpseller will continue to be a self-managed service and will be limited to advice on the use and development of e-commerce.
  • Store’s graphic design customization is subject to evaluation by the design team through our Jumpdesign services. This will not include designs related to branding (logos, banners, etc).
  • Specific marketing activities are not provided. If you want a pspecific marketing activitie, you can ask to our Marketing Coach Agency or you can find one in our list of professionals


Do I need to be a Jumpseller customer?

Yes, in fact, if you want to migrate from another platform like Woocommerce, Shopify, Vtex etc … we can help you migrate as soon as the contract ends.

Can I pay the plan monthly?

No, this plan is based on contracts of one year or more.

Do I have to provide Jumpseller with sales data for my company?

Yes, to be able to help you in the best way, it is necessary to know as much as possible about your company, in order to help in e-commerce processes and practices. In the contract there is a confidentiality clause between the company and Jumpseller to keep all information confidential.

How do you help me sell more? What steps should I take?

Each business, each store is different, so a meeting would be held in order to understand the needs that your business may have and based on that, constantly advise to improve the flow of purchases and subsequent sales. Periodically (1,3,6 months) the development of the store will be reviewed with the client and the advice will be given based on the sales metrics to make the relevant corrections.

If you are interested in getting the Enterprise plan, please fill out this form and we will get back to you.

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