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Building a Jumpseller Paid Theme

Jumpseller currently has a collection of free themes that offer its customers themes that control the appearance and overall presentation of an online store’s content.

Now we want to launch a new line of paid themes that will be on the gallery and people will be able to buy them, paying a commission to the developer.

Required resources

When creating a Jumpseller theme, remember that it will be used by thousands of retailers, so it’s important to consider the impact of a well-designed theme, with features that stand out from the free themes.

The proposed theme must be supported by the different types of most used browsers and be 100% responsive.

  1. Technical standards:
    • Well-structured HTML and Liquid, error-free and valid semantic
    • Clean and valid CSS
    • Readable, functional and clean JavaScript
    • Mobile first

    You can refer to Jumpseller’s Liquid Syntax and Variables documentation.

  2. Design patterns:

When designing a theme, it should be taken into account that many retailers have never used a web page, so the main sections should be editable ​​through the theme options, and have descriptive and easy-to-identify names, like “Home Slider”, “Colours” or “Footer”.

The design, layout and product photos contribute to the overall look of an online store, considering that there are different types of stores and businesses.

These may include long titles, large images, large logos, etc. and must be adaptable and well explained.

Application steps

If you want to create a theme:

  1. Submit a high-resolution mockup of the home and product layout in both mobile and desktop versions. It can be uploaded as image files (JPG / PNG) or a browsable prototype, for example in Adobe XD, Figma or similar.
  2. The design and programming team will assess whether the proposal meets the minimum characteristics required to be part of our theme gallery.
  3. The Jumpseller team can make suggestions about the submitted design so that we can correct and continue the process.
  4. If the project meets the characteristics, we can start implementation.

If you already have a theme created:

  1. Send us a link with the demo. You can work in a test store, if you need more time please contact us;
  2. The theme must comply with all programming standards and defined guidelines.
  3. The Jumpseller team can make suggestions about the submitted design so that we can correct and continue the process.
  4. If the project meets the characteristics, we can start implementation.

To consider your application please complete this form. We will contact you to continue with the process.

The Jumpseller design team will work closely with you every step of the way during the theme development and will continue to work closely once the theme has been published.

We recommend reviewing the most recent themes in our gallery and generating an impressive proposal with a solution that current themes do not have, so there will be a greater probability that customers will choose your theme.


A few things to keep in mind:

  • Once the design is approved, we will create a test shop in programmer mode to work on the theme code. We suggest that the theme be built in the latest version of Bootstrap Framework, since 95% of our themes use it and this facilitates the maintenance and relationship of the clients with their themes.
  • It is possible to use another framework. You can use our Bootstrap or Simple themes as a base, where there are several common elements used in a Jumpseller theme.
  • Keep HTML and Liquid well structured, semantic, error free and valid.
  • In the same topic, try to always have clean and valid CSS and JavaScript
  • Don’t forget it must respect the Guidelines.
  • It is very important to create a theme based on the Mobile First concept;
  • Create a list of theme specifications and features to create the theme page on our website and display it to customers.
  • The texts must be entirely in English for later translation into other languages.


  • Payment will be 70% of the net value of the Theme.
  • If the designer suspends the Paid Theme’s support, Jumpseller might assume the responsibility and usage rights. All benefits generated by the theme will pass exclusively to Jumpseller.
  • To optimize operations, payments to Theme’s designers will be processed every three months.
  • In the possible event of chargebacks and refunds, costs will be passed to the designer of the paid theme.

Incentive Program

Our paid themes project started in 2022, and we are offering designers especially favorable conditions to motivate them to build a beautiful theme for our merchants.

  1. We offer a down payment of 1000 EUR before we publish the piece, split into two different moments: 500 EUR after the application is accepted and 500 EUR when the theme is ready to be published.
  2. After publication, we will retain all payment values until we have recovered the down payment (point 1).
  3. After recovering the down payment, for the twelve months (12) after publication, we will pay to the partner 95%* of net value.

*5% of the value is used to cover transaction costs and currency conversion fees imposed by our Payment Processor.

Tax Documents

  • All amounts are gross values (except when stated otherwise)
  • All payments require a valid tax invoice or receipt.

Every year we review the conditions for Payments & Incentive Program.

Warranty and support

  • You’ll need to provide an email address for public support, theme documentation like this one, and help merchants with their theme-related questions. The support must be provided by the developer so that he can fix any problem with the layout or styles as soon as possible, being responsible for keeping this theme working correctly.
  • In case of non-compliance with support, Jumpseller will take over and the hours invested will be discounted from the sale of the theme.
  • It is the developer’s obligation to keep the theme code delivered in case of updates that cause the theme to malfunction.
  • The theme is exclusive to the Jumpseller theme gallery.
  • Customers who purchase the theme will only be able to use it once per store and will not be able to export the source code.

Last Reviewed on 15th March, 2024.

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