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A Live Chat Software for your website, easy to install and effective in it’s use. No programming is required!

How to install

  1. To begin, log into your JumpSeller admin dashboard.

  2. Go to Themes and select Code Editor.

  3. Navigate to the Layout section.

  4. To complete the next step, make sure that you have an active LiveChat account as you will need your JavaScript snippet.

  5. Navigate to the LiveChat account > Settings > Chat widget > Channels, or use this handy link.

  6. Sign up for a LiveChat account.

  7. In the code section, you can find your JavaScript code snippets. Copy the code so that you can use it later in Jumpseller.

  8. In the Jumpseller admin (Themes > Code Editor > Layout) paste in the LiveChat code before the closing /body tag.

  9. To finish the installation, in the upper right corner click Save Changes. Et Voilà! Go to your website to see how the LiveChat widget looks like.

A side note, to answer chats you have to be logged into one of our apps - Web App, Desktop and mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

If you have any further questions regarding the service itself, you are welcome to contact:

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