General Settings

Admin Panel

To configure or change the basic settings of your Online Store, you need to access the General section under Settings.

general settings

Once you are here, you will see there are some values filled in by default (Store Name, Currency, Country and Region) while others you can fill out yourself.

Store Name: By default, you will see the store name that was input at the time of creating your store.

Store Description: This is the text that appears on Google Search Results, so make sure you provide the Store Name and Description that you would like people to see.

Currency: In this section, you can change the default currency that was set considering your location at the time of store creation. You can also configure the format in which the currency will appear and check the Price format preview.


Timezone: The timezone is also set according to your location at the time of store creation but you have the option to change it here.

Unit of weight: You can choose the weight unit between pounds or kilograms.

Google Analytics Tracker: To use Google Analytics to measure activity on your store, input your Google analytics tracker ID here.

Disable Store’s Frontend: In order to hide your store from customers while it’s still in construction or under maintenance, you can activate this checkbox and set a custom message for your clients to come back later (please note that you will still be able to see the store while you are logged in to the admin panel).


Business Information: In this section, you should enter the information that you want to show on your store’s contact page or section, depending the theme you are using.

Social Media: All themes have social media icons available where visitors to you stores can click and access your social media profiles. In this section you can choose to show your desired social media channels.


If you have any questions about this or any other topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.