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How to Configure Natural Theme

General Options

How to Change your Favicon

The favicon is the little icon that shows on the navigation tab when someone visits your store.

Natural Theme

By default Jumpseller icon is shown. You can set your own favicon under “General”. Recommended Size: 16x16. PNG Format and transparent background are also recommended.

Natural Theme

Estimated Shipping on Cart Page

If this option is selected, shipping cost estimator will show up in the cart page.

Natural Theme

Product Table at Success Page

If this option is selected, a table will appear in the success page showing every product bought by the customer.

Natural Theme

Blog Post on Homepage

You can decide if you want to show your latest blog posts in your home page, by checking and unchecking “Display Blog Post on Homepage” option.

You can also select how many posts you want to show. Blog section will show under “Latest Products” section on the home page.

Natural Theme

Learn more on how to use your store’s blog here

In Natural Theme you have the possibility of featuring three main categories on the home page. These categories will show up under the “Latest Products” section.

Natural Theme

To get the category’s permalink you have to go to your Admin Panel > Products > Categories, and select the category you want to link the button to.

Once inside the category page, scroll down to the “Search Engine Optimization” where you can get the category’s permalik.

Natural Theme

Now you have to copy and paste that permalink here:

Natural Theme

Store Info

This information showns on the top bar of the store.

Natural Theme

Contact email should be set in your Admin Panel > Settings > Emails

Natural Theme

Home Page Slider

The slider has five options:

Activate Loop: Slides will change constantly.

Activate Autoplay: Slides will start changing as soon as page loads.

Autoplay Time Out: Set the time (seconds) between slides when Activate Loop is checked.

Then you have some options to set up each slide: image (recommended size 730x460 pixels), button colors, text and title colors and slide aligment.

You can link the button to a specific page, product page, category, etc. If you want to link it to a specific category, you will need to get the permalink’s category as explained here.

Home Page Banners

You have the option to set up three banners in the home page (recommended size 400x515 pixels)

Natural Theme

You can link the banners to a specific page, product page, category, etc. If you want to link it to a specific category, you will need to get the permalink’s category. Learn how to get a category permalink

Home Page Icons

The icons showns in the home page, can be set up in the Featured section of the theme options.

Natural Theme

If you want to hide this section completely, then uncheck option “Show features area on Home Page”

Product Page

Natural Theme

Product Stock and Sku

If these options are checked, information will be shown on the product page.

Natural Theme

If this option is selected, products related to the product that is being viewed, will show up in the lower section of Product Page.

The relation is given by the first product category they share.

Natural Theme


You can easily customize fonts and sizes on the Fonts options. When no store logo is used, Store Name will be shown. You can customize its font and size too.

Natural Theme

Social Networks Share Buttons

Social networks icons will show up on product page in order to allow the product to be shared.

Natural Theme

WhatsApp icon will only show on mobile devices.

Setting Up your Instagram Feed in Home Page

Under social networks, you can also decide to show your Instagram feed (if you have one). This section will show under “Featured Products” and “Latest Products” sections.

Simple Theme

You can also select if you want to show 6 or 12 Instagram posts at the same time.

Important: Your Instagram account should be set to “Public” in order to show your feed. If it is set to “Private” pictures will not be shown. The feed is updated monthly, so when you post a picture in Instagram it won’t show right away.

How to set up the subscription form

Natural theme has a subscription form located in the bottom part of the store. To make it work youu need and URL of a subscription form created on Mailchimp. Learn how to create a subscription form using Mailchimp.

Natural Theme

In Natural Them you have on menu available in the footer area.

Natural Theme

To Add links to the footer menu, go to your Admin Panel > Navigation > Footer Menu

Natural Theme

Learn how to set up the navigation menu in your store.

Add to Cart Notification

Natural Themee

Ih this option is selected, a PopUp message will show in the upper right corner of your store, every time a product is added to the cart.

Natural Theme

Other Options

Currencies Converter

Additional Currencies and OpenExchangeRates App ID: You will use these fields if you want to show multiple currencies in your store. Learn how to have multiple currencies in your store.

Natural Theme

The currency converter will show up in the store’s top bar.

Blog Widget

You can add some text to your blog sidebar by using a blog widget. You can also set its title.

Natural Theme
  • Homepage slider: 1920x825
  • Homepage banners: 400x515
  • Products: 1920x1450
  • Category image: 1920x550
  • Blog: 1920x1450
  • Store Logo Header: width: 100px to 310px height: 100px to 150px
  • Store Logo Footer: width: 100px to 310px height: 100px to 150px

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