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How to use Impresee

Impresee Smart Search includes: a fast and predictive text search, image search, and picture search.

The application gives you a dashboard that allows you to know the behavior of your visitors, adjust your store to optimize conversion, and obtain information for your marketing campaigns.

Install the App on a Jumpseller store

  1. Make sure your store has at least one available and on-stock product.

  2. Install the app, and click on the “Next“ button.

  3. Choose the type of your product your store features. Pick “Other” if your store sells more than one kind.

  4. Wait for the indexation process to finish processing your catalog (the time it takes depends on the number of products in your catalog)

  5. Enable the app, by clicking on the enable switch

  6. Go to your store front, and try the search out!

  7. After that, you can go back to the admin panel and configure the language of the labels, colors, available features, and more!



  • Who can I contact if I have any doubts? Please contact our support at

  • How do I start using this app? You just need to install the app and follow the instructions.

  • Do I need to configure my catalog to start using the visual or creative search? No, our AI-based algorithm will do all the work for you! Our algorithms will automatically pick all the store’s products and index them, that way visitors will be able to search through your catalog without you having to configure anything.

  • Can I make use of this technology in a mobile app? Yes. Impresee’s technology is available through some APIs, which are only available when subscribing to a PRO plan.

  • Is this app free? You have a 14-day trial. After that we’ll contact you to inform you of our plans, and payment methods.

  • What forms of payment are there? You can pay via PayPal. Paying an annual or six month subscription, will grant you a 10% discount.

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