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Store Password

The store password is a feature that is common in most websites, allowing the owners to restrict its access to only authorized people that know the password.

This feature can be handy when the owner is making changes or maintenance of the website and doesn’t want his customers to see the website before all the changes are made or to experience bad performance while navigating the website.

Store Status

Go to your Admin Panel > Settings > General

Here you can set one of two store statuses:

  • Available - which means everyone can visit your website;
  • Disabled - which means the access to your website is restricted.

Example of the page visitors will see when they visit your store URL that has the “Disabled” status:

disabled store without text

Here’s how setting the disabled message as: “Website is under maintenance” would appear:

disabled store with text

Note: If your store is still in the free trial period, its status will be “Disabled” by default. The reason why we keep most countries’ trial stores disabled is to prevent possible fraud from happening.

Disabled Page Elements

The disabled page includes the following elements that can be customized:

  • Store logo - You can change it in Settings > General;
  • Social media icons - You can configure them in your Admin Panel > Settings > General > Social media;
  • Apps - Apps like pop-up chats and Facebook messenger can be shown on this page if they are installed in your store. You can check them by going to your Admin Panel > Apps.

These are all the elements you can customize, we don’t allow changes to the page background or the addition of other elements

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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