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Using DSers with Jumpseller

DSers is the new standard of Dropshipping and the official partner of AliExpress. With DSers dropshipping service, you can run a dropshipping business easily on Jumpseller.


Dropshipping saves the warehouse service fee and reduces your cost on product stocks. However, you must manage orders on your Online store AND with your dropshipping suppliers. DSers is one of the best-rated dropshipping tools to help you easily manage your Jumpseller orders and AliExpress dropshipping orders in one place.

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What can DSers do for you?

Place multiple orders at once:

You can place 100 orders from your store to your suppliers on AliExpress in one click.

Managing orders automatically:

As long as you place an order with AliExpress and pay for it, no additional operation will be required.

DSers will automatically help you update your Jumpseller orders’ status, synchronize the Tracking Number from AliExpress to your Jumpseller order, and send emails to notify your customers that the goods have been shipped.

We also provide features like:

Find Suppliers, Supplier Optimizer, Product Management and Pricing Rules to help you develop your Dropshipping business.

Features Introduction

Import products to DSers

Select products in Find suppliers.


Alternatively, install the DSers Chrome extension and add the products to the Import list by clicking on the button on the product details page.


Push products to Jumpseller

Push the Import list products to the Jumpseller store, you can also modify the product information before pushing the store, then you can see it in the Jumpseller store and sell it to customers!


Synchronize your Jumpseller products

If you have already created some products in Jumpseller and want DSers to manage your products &orders for you, you can also import them into DSers. Select the store in My Products, then click the IMPORT JUMPSELLER PRODUCTS button, check the products in the store, and then click Import!


Set mapping for products

You may face problems such as selling products where the supplier has increased the price or can’t deliver to the region where the current order is placed, you need to Map the Products to ensure that you have more options when you place an order with the supplier.


Place orders and Pay for them on AliExpress

Orders placed by customers in Jumpseller will be automatically synchronized in DSers under the awaiting order tab of Open Orders, you need to select the shipping method, place the order with AliExpress and pay for it.


After your payment, DSers will automatically move the order to DSers - Awaiting Shipment. You don’t need to do anything more afterwards. DSers will automatically synchronize the Tracking Number from AliExpress to your Jumpseller order after your AliExpress supplier shipped the goods. We will also notify your customers by email that the goods have been shipped and will update the status of the order. All of those operations are automatic!

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If you have any questions about DSers, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team via or through Messenger. You can also visit the DSers Help Center to find more articles that provide detailed explanations of how DSers works.

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