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Connect Google Ads with your Online Store

Many people consider Google Ads to be the best place to start your online marketing and advertising. Because of the popularity of Google and the amount of traffic on it, it is easier to target and bring new visitors to your online store.

An important thing to note is that Google Ads are based on user intent, which means that when someone searches for something, they are showing their intent, in either learning about it or finding a solution for it. Which is why they are more likely to engage with an ad that appears in their results.

To configure Google Ads with your Online Store, you have multiple options. All of them essentially have the same result, however, some of them are easier to set up then others. In this article, we will take your through the 3 most popular ways to connect your Google Ads account with your Online Store.

In order to do this, you need to connect your Online Store to Google Analytics.

Firstly, you need to create a Google Analytics account and get your Google Analytics Tracker.

You will need to fill out the details regarding your property:

google ads account 1

After which you can simply click on the Get tracking ID button:


If you have already set up Google Analytics, you can simply go to the admin section and click on Tracking Info and then Tracking Code.


Now, go to your Jumpseller store Admin Panel, click on Settings and then General.

Scroll down until you see the following:


Add you Google Analytics tracker ID here and Save.

Next, you need to connect your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account. For this you will first need to create a Google Ads account.

Go to Google Analytics and click on the Admin icon at the bottom. In the Account column you should already see your Google Analytics company account.

If not, configure the account you want to link first. (See more details here:

Once the main account is set up, go to the Property Column and click on Google Ads Linking.

Click +NEW LINK GROUP, Select your Google Ads accounts and then click Continue.

That’s it! Your Google ads should now be linked to your Google Analytics and your Online Store.

For more information please visit:

Option 2: Insert Google Ads code directly on code editor

If you create a conversion action on your Google Ads account, you have the option to track that conversion, and measure the performance of your Ads. To do this, you will need to add some code to your Online Store.

Note, please create and configure your Google Ads account before proceeding.

In order to insert a conversion tag in your website, you need to identify what page you want to use it on, which depends on the goal you have set for your ad campaign. Is it to get Opt-ins for surveys, sign ups or sales? Most commonly, people go with sales and input the conversion tag on the Success page after a person has completed a Purchase.

First You need to create a Conversion Action and acquire the code snippet that can then be added to the website. This can be done using your Google Ads account! Click on the Tools icon in the upper right corner in your Google Ads account. Then go to Conversions.


Next you need to add a new Conversion Action, click on the +CONVERSIONS button.


Next, select the Website option.

add conversion tag type

Next you need to set some parameters for the action. Since we are creating the Conversion Action for tracking Sales, select “Purchase” as the Category and Name it as you like.

configure action

Now, you can also track the Value associated with each Sales Conversion. Select the first option if all the products you sell have the same value or the second option if there are different values. If you just want to set up the Conversion Tracking for Sales without the Value use the 3rd option.


Next you need to select a Counting parameter, as we are tracking sales, go with the first option. You can configure the other options as you like or leave them as default. After that, click on the CREATE AND CONTINUE button.

create and continue

You will have 3 options to install the action you have created on your website, go with the first option.

install tag

Next, choose the HTML option.

You will need to add a Global site tag, but if you have previously installed and connected Google Analytics with your Jumpseller store, you should choose Option 2, which will skip this step.

However, if you have not connected your Google Analytics account previously, go with the first option and copy the tag code you see in the box below.

manual code

Go to your admin panel and open code editor under themes, there click on Layout and paste the copied code between <head></head> tags.

code editor

Come back to your Google Ads account and copy the Event Snippet code, make sure to keep the Page load as the selected option for this.


Go back to your Jumpseller code editor and go to PAYMENT and click on SUCCESS. Scroll to the bottom and paste the code there. Please remember to edit the code and add the transaction ID there, which will be ‘’ . See the images below for reference.

success page code

That’s it! Click on Done and now you should be able to see the create conversion tag action on your Google Ads account. You can create multiple conversion tags in a similar way.

finish option 2

For More Information, Please visit:

Option 3: Use Google Tag Manager

First you need to create a Google Tag Manager Account and link it to your Online Store.

Next you need to go to your Google Ads account and create a conversion action as described in Option 2. When you are done instead of selecting the first option, click on the Google Tag Manager option.


You will receive your Conversion ID and Conversion label.

info gtm

Go to your Google Tag Manager account, click on Tags and then add New Tag.


Click on the icon and add the tag template called Google Ads Conversion Tracking.

tag configuration

select option

Go to you Google Ads account and copy your Conversion ID and Conversion label. Paste it on the Google Tag Manager. You can also name the Tag according to your wish.


If you want to set up the others fields Conversion Value, Order ID and Currency Code please refer to the Google guide at:

Next you need to configure the Trigger, which is the actual event based on which a Tag is fired. Click on the Triggering section below and add a name for the trigger you want to create.


Click on the icon to open Trigger Configuration and select the Page View option, since you want to create a trigger event of whenever someone views your website Success page (meaning the purchase has been made).


Finally, you will need to set up the conditions for this event to fire. Select “Some Page Views”,configure the following fields as detailed in the image below, and click the Save button. That’s it!


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