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Abandoned Orders

In the world of e-commerce, abandonment is a common challenge that can significantly impact your store’s revenue. There are three main types:

  • Browse abandonment: Visitors explore your site but leave before adding items to their cart.
  • Cart abandonment: Cart abandonment refers to dropouts of customers with products left in their shopping carts and who had not yet begun the checkout process.
  • Order abandonment: Shoppers reach the final stages of checkout, even providing payment information, but abandon before completing the transaction.

While browse abandonment and some cart abandonments can’t be directly targeted (as visitors often haven’t provided contact information), you can leverage tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Ads to retarget them with ads on other sites.

Jumpseller empowers you to directly tackle order abandonment and cart abandonment (for logged-in customers) with our robust recovery features. This guide will show you how to set up and optimize abandoned cart and order recovery to recapture lost sales and boost your bottom line.

How Jumpseller’s Cart Recovery Works

  • Early Capture: The moment a customer enters and saves their email during the first step of the checkout process, and moves to the second step, Jumpseller instantly starts tracking the contents of their cart. This proactive approach ensures that even if the customer does not complete the purchase, their cart is effectively primed for recovery.

  • Automatic Email Reminders: Our system sends a series of customizable emails, gently reminding customers of the items they left behind and encouraging them to complete their purchase.

  • Customization: Tailor email content, timing, and frequency to match your brand’s unique voice and resonate with your audience.

  • Performance Tracking: Monitor the success of your recovery campaigns through comprehensive reports on open rates, click-through rates, and recovered revenue.

Setting Up Your Abandoned Cart Recovery

  1. Enable the Feature: Log into your Jumpseller dashboard and navigate to Settings > Checkout > Preferences. Within the Abandoned Orders section, set up the timers as follows:

    • Expiration Time for Carts Time for the system to mark carts that were not completed as ‘Abandoned’. Carts that only arrived at step two of the checkout will be converted into an abandoned orders.

    • Expiration Time for Pending Orders with an Instant Payment Time after which pending orders with an instant payment method (e.g., credit card) are marked as ‘Abandoned’.

    • Expiration Time for Pending Orders with a Manual Payment Applies to orders where the payment is not immediate (e.g., bank transfers). This is the time for the orders to be marked as ‘Abandoned’.

  2. Craft Compelling Emails

    • Activation: First, ensure that the abandonment email feature is enabled in your admin panel. Navigate to Settings > General > Emails > Abandon Order Recovery to activate the feature.

    • Customization: In this section, you can edit the content of the abandonment emails. Tailor the text to align with your brand voice, and consider adding incentives such as discount codes to increase the likelihood of completing the purchase.

  3. Monitor

    • Accessing Reports: Navigate to Orders > Abandoned in your admin panel. Here you can view and filter all abandonment emails that have been sent.

    • Filtering Options: You have the flexibility to filter these reports by various criteria including date, recovery email status, and order recovery status.

    • Understanding the Data: The table displays detailed information for each abandoned order:

      • Date and Time: When the abandoned order was recorded.
      • Customer: Name of the customer.
      • Email Status: Indicates whether the recovery email was sent successfully.
      • Recovery Status: Shows whether the recovery link in the email was used by the customer or if the order remains not recovered.
      • Order Value: The total value of the abandoned cart.
  4. Export

    • Accessing Export Options: In your admin panel, go to Orders, and use the filter to select payment status: Abandoned (Note: Abandoned orders are hidden by default).

    • Setting Filters: You can further refine your search by selecting a specific date range or other criteria to isolate the data you need.

    • Exporting Data: Once you have set your filters, you can export the data for these orders. This feature is particularly useful for deeper analysis or record-keeping.

    • Understanding the Exported Data: The exported data will include comprehensive details such as the order completion status, customer information, payment method, and fulfillment status.

Troubleshoot: When are Recovery Emails NOT sent

Even if you have enabled the Abandoned Recovery email feature, there are certain scenarios in which a recovery email will not be dispatched to the customer. Understanding these conditions can help you manage your expectations and refine your recovery strategies:

  • Multiple Abandoned Orders for the Same Products: If a customer creates more than one abandoned order in succession for the same products, only one recovery email will be sent to that customer.

  • Order Completed Before Email Processing: If a customer completes a purchase before the first recovery email is processed, no recovery email will be sent for any abandoned orders created prior to that completed purchase.

  • Payment Processing Errors: Recovery emails are not sent if there was a payment processing error at checkout. Typically, these orders will be updated to ‘Cancelled’ due to the error, rather than marked as ‘Abandoned’.

  • Product Availability: If none of the products in the abandoned order are available (e.g., they are out of stock), then the recovery email will not be dispatched.

  • Order Fulfilled: If the abandoned order is subsequently fulfilled (perhaps through another transaction or adjustment), no recovery email will be sent.

If you have any questions regarding all of this, you may contact us any time and we will be happy to assist you.

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