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How do I remove the "name" and "telephone" fields at my contact form?

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To get rid of the telephone and the name at our contact form and just leave the “email” field. Hiding the telephone field is easy but the email it is a mandatory field so you should add some text to it via Javascript:

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(document).ready(function() {

  $('#contact_form').submit(function() {  


I want to remove the Postal Code from my shipping & taxes estimation form?

At the Cart or Checkout Block of your Theme Editor you can use Javascript to hide the label and input form (fields which are not mandatory):

<script type="text/javascript">
    if ($('#estimates').length > 0) {$('#estimate_shipping').show();$('#estimate_shipping_toggle').hide();};

How do I enable by default “Payment Information” at the checkout page?

$("#shipping_same_as_billing").removeAttr('checked'); //to uncheck the checkbox
$("#shipping_same_as_billing").change(); //to let Jumpseller update your previous action

How can I change the Shipping & Taxes Text? Or any other texts at Checkout or Contact Page?

Some tags, like or are created internally with Jumpseller. The output is a fully functional form, with input tags, select boxes and buttons.

How can we change the text on the “Estimate Shipping & Taxes” button at the Cart page?

It’s easy, you can change any text, added internally by Jumpseller (like the Estimate Shipping Form, Checkout Form or Search Form) with Javascript.

  1. At your store-front, get the HTML ID of the text element you need to change:Support

  2. Go to your Admin Panel > Themes > Theme Editor
  3. At the end of the respective block (Product, Cart, Checkout, etc) use:

the following jQuery code:

$("#estimate_shipping_button").val("test"); or

To change the Checkout Labels, like Postal, the procedure is similar:

$("label[for=order_shipping_address_postal]").text("Zip *");

Remove Shipping Address Regions and Billing Countries at Checkout Form

Some stores do not want to enabled Shipping to certain countries and regions. Deciding each Country is shippable or not can be done via the admin but all Regions of that country are show. The following Javascript enables Shipping only to Coquimbo Region in Chile and allows Billing to Chilean.

<script type="text/javascript">
if ($('#estimates').length > 0) {$('#estimate_shipping').show();$('#estimate_shipping_toggle').hide();};
$(document).ready(function() {
setTimeout(function() {
$("#estimate_shipping_region option, #order_shipping_address_region option").each(function()
if($(this).val() != "07"){ $(this).remove() }
$("#order_billing_address_country option").each(function()
if($(this).val() != "CL"){ $(this).remove() }

}, 3000);


There is Timer because we need Jumpseller to fully load al the regions and after 0.3secs we delete all the Regions/Countries we do not need.

How do I select a specific country at checkout

We can use:

$("#order_billing_address_country").val('US'); //to select USA
$('#order_billing_address_country').change(); //to force Jumpseller to update the regions dropdown box

How do I enforce Billing Information same as Shipping Information?

1- Find the ID of the Div enclosing the “Billing Info same as Shipping” Checkbox: 2- It is “shipping_address_same_as_shipping” shipping_address_same_as_shipping

3- Use jQuery (or pure Javascript) to hide that option:


4- You’re done.

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