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How to setup Predictable Media for your online store

The easiest way to Analyze and Build 1:1 relationships with your customers at scale.

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Predictable Media’s AI-powered Customer Data Platform, connects your data sources, predicts purchase behavior, and delivers the right message to your customers.

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Product Tags

CDP, Customer Data Platform, Marketing Automation, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Audience Creator, Audience Segmentation.

Use Cases

  • a) Loyalty
  • b) Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • c) Digital Marketing

How to connect to your e-commerce platform

  1. Easy, at sign up, select your data source as your e-commerce (Jumpseller), by providing your login credentials. Predictable Media won’t push or do any changes into your e-commerce, it will only receive the data from the e-commerce.

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  2. Depending on how much historical data you have, the data gathering may take up to 15 minutes, the platform will let you know by email when the process is complete. From then on all of your data sets will get refreshed constantly.

  3. Once completed, get ready to use Predictable Media, by going frst into “Performance”, in order to prioritize your marketing focus.

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We have live support on the web, at sign up and on the platform. Support is provided by an intercom bubble available at all times. There’s also a Help Center within the platform and API documentation upon request.

Support is provided on a SLA basis depending on the plan, we strive for service and usually answer before those times.




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