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Create a Store Dashboard on Power Bi using Jumpseller Orders API

Extract information from an e-commerce service using an API with pagination restrictions to create a panel on Microsoft Power BI.

This guide is meant for orders in Jumpseller stores but can be used on any token-based API with pagination restrictions.

1. Copy API URL from your Admin Panel: Accounts section, use your own URLs, these are only for testing purposes and are now expired.

Paid Orders: 

All Orders:

2. Add pagination parameters to your URL, I picked all orders URL: 

3. Paste the URL as a Web Query. This will only bring us 100 records, maximum per page. From this base query we will create a function and replace the page number with a parameter “page” so we can loop and get all pages of the store.

4. Left click on the Orders table and create a Function, edit the function adding the page as text argument, and replace the page number (3 on this example) with the parameter page.

5. Now we need to create a table that contains all of the paginated information, we will start with this function to generate a table with only one column for the pages (Only three pages on this example, this will return a maximum of 300 orders, you are free to add more):

	Table.TransformColumnTypes(Table.FromRows({{1},{2},{3}},{"page"}),{{"page",type text}}) 

6. Go to Add Column and then Custom Column, apply the function to the page value, it will create a column with pages on its values, the final step is to expand.


7. Create your dashboard.


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