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How to setup PagSeguro

PagSeguro is one of the Payment Gateways available on Jumpseller.

Create an Account with PagSeguro

Create an account on PagSeguro: to add PagSeguro to your store you have to first create an account. If you already have created an account please move on to the second step. In order to sign up on PagSeguro, you just have to click on “Criar Conta” (left menu) and then provide all information needed to prove your identity or business registration.

Sign up on PagSeguro

If PagSeguro approves your account, you will then receive an email. Please note that when you create an account it is, by default, unverified. To verify your account you need to submit documents on PagSeguro. For personal and seller accounts and seller: it is necessary to send copies of Carteira de Identidade (Personal ID), Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (Tax Number) and proof of residence. For Business accounts, in addition to copies of the documents mentioned above, you have to submit a digitized version of the Social Contract, authenticated by a notary.

Before you start using PagSeguro read carefully the information fees and commissions associated to the service.

Add PagSeguro Payment Gateway to your Jumpseller store

  1. PagSeguro is only available on Brazil. So check if your store is set to Brazil: Go Admin Panel > Settings > General:
    Store's Country

  2. Add PagSeguro as an payment option at Admin Panel > Settings > Payments:
    Store's Country

  3. Insert your the e-mail address and Token associated to your PagSeguro’s account and click on Save:
    Insert your account e-mail

In a few minutes you will be ready to accept payments from PagSeguro in your online store.

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