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Multi Location Inventory for you e-commerce

Multi-Location Inventory allows businesses to manage their inventory across various locations from a single platform, your Jumpseller Admin. Panel. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that:

  • Operate in multiple geographical locations.
  • Have both an online store and one or more physical stores.
  • Attend events, fairs or creates pop-up stores where they sell products.

What is Multi-Location Inventory?

Multi-Location Inventory (MLI) helps you track and manage your products across different storage areas or retail outlets. Here’s what it allows you to do:

  • View Inventory: Check product levels across all locations at a glance.
  • Manage Stock: Automatically update stock levels when products are moved, sold, or returned.
  • Fulfill Orders Efficiently: Choose the best shipping locations based on stock availability and proximity to the customer.
  • Offer Flexibility: Allow customers to choose between home delivery or picking up from a nearby location.

How Does MLI Work?

MLI simplifies managing diverse stock locations through a centralized system that communicates real-time information.

Example Scenario: Shoe Store

  • Locations: Main warehouse, Store A (Downtown), Store B (Suburb)
  • Default Location: Main warehouse (stocks all product types) for online sales.
  • Physical Locatios: Store A stocks limited editions and high-end models Store B Holds only the top sellers.

Customers see real-time availability at locations nearest to them so they can try the shoes before their first purchase.

Example Scenario: Pizza Store

  • Locations: Main kitchen, Outlet A, Outlet B (mobile pizza truck at events)
  • Default Location: Main kitchen (prepares all pizza bases and ingredients)
  • Specialty Location: Outlet B (sells at local events and fairs)

Benefits for a Pizza Store

  • Faster Delivery: Deliver pizzas quicker by choosing the outlet closest to the customer.
  • Dynamic Stock Levels: Adjust ingredient levels based on predicted demand at different outlets.
  • Event Sales Boost: Utilize the mobile truck’s inventory data to maximize sales at events.

Setting Up Your MLI

Setting up your Multi-Location Inventory involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Login to Jumpseller Admin Panel Navigate to the ‘Locations’ section under settings.

  2. Create Locations Click on ‘Add Location’ to set up new storage areas or outlets.

  3. Assign Products to Locations Distribute your products according to where you want them stored or sold. Now in the product setup page you will be able to assign stock to each location.


  • Can I see inventory levels in real-time? Yes, MLI updates inventory counts instantly as sales occur or stock is moved.

  • What if a location runs out of a product? You can set up alerts for low stock and transfer products from other locations quickly.

  • How do customers know where they can pick up their products? Product pages will display available pickup locations based on the customer’s zip code or preference.


Multi-Location Inventory not only optimizes your stock management but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing flexible pickup and delivery options. Implement MLI to make your business more adaptable and efficient.

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