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kevin. is a payment infrastructure that bypasses card networks, letting consumers make fast, simple and secure payments directly from their bank accounts. Being live in 28 European markets, kevin. is an accessible payment method to more than 300 million consumers. Numerous businesses benefit from kevin.’s infrastructure, resulting in higher customer conversions, lower fraud rates and reduced transaction fees.

Installation guide

Jumpseller integration requires custom configuration on kevin. side. If you are willing to start using this payment solution, please check the necessary steps here and register in this link or feel free to contact the support team at

  1. The payment solution can be configured inside the Admin Panel. Go to Settings > Checkout > Payments and from the dropdown menu select kevin. option:

    Admin Panel
  2. After pressing the Add Method button, you will be automatically redirected to the settings page. Here you must configure your payment solution:

    • Name: You can leave a default name or change it to your preferences. The name will be seen to your customers on the checkout page.
    • Payment method URL: A default value must be left which is
    • Payment method key: Enter your created project Client ID.

    • Payment method secret: Enter your created project Client Secret.

    • The field highlighted in green is optional.
    Configure kevin.
  3. Whenever you finish the configuration, press the Save button at the top right corner of the page. If everything is correct, you should see a success message. The payment method will be enabled automatically.

If you need support please contact kevin.’s support team:

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