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Inventory Management for Your Online Stores

As business starts to grow many times business owners have problems with having the proper Inventory management system in place. In this article, we will help you understand how inventory and stock management works in Jumpseller.

Inventory Management in Jumpseller

  1. Every Product and Variant has a field for Inventory on Stock. (You can see the Stock on Variants and Products from your product page.) install app

  2. Every order on Jumpseller automatically affects the current stock of the products in it.
    • To view the history of the order go to that order and scroll down: install app
    • To see the history of the stock for product variants, go to the product page and click on the clock sign next to the product variant field: install app
  3. Some scenarios that affect the Inventory:
    • Presales: For example, you have created a special promotion where the customers can pay a discounted price upfront before you have produced/acquired the product.
    • Abandonment: The customer added a product to their cart but did not follow through with the purchase.
    • Returns: The product was returned after purchase.
    • OmniChannel Sales: When you sell across multiple channels, for example, selling online and selling at a physical store and you have a universal inventory management system.
  4. Your inventory changes according to various order statuses:
    • If the order goes from New to Pending: Stock of the products are reduced
    • If the order goes from Pending to Paid: nothings happens
    • If the order goes from Pending to abandoned: Stock of the products are returned
    • If the order goes from pending or paid to canceled: Stock of the products is back
    • Open carts: nothing happens

How to update Inventory in Jumpseller

If you have a Jumpseller store, you have the following options to update inventory:

While it can be a challenging task, you can do it successfully if you:

  • Know your business operations to the T!

  • Learn about possible solutions for inventory management that are at your disposal in the platform where you have your online store.

  • Selecting the one that makes the most sense for your business.

  • In case non of the solutions make sense, consider hiring a professional to come up with a more customized plan for managing inventory for your business.

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