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External Sales Channels Integration Guide

Jumpseller is a powerful and customizable e-commerce platform. We offer a broad range of features designed to help merchants grow their online businesses. This guide is intended to assist developers in integrating external sales channels with Jumpseller, providing merchants with extended functionalities and a seamless experience across platforms.

Leverage Jumpseller’s API

Our API is your conduit to Jumpseller’s platform, offering functionalities ranging from product management to order creation, shipment handling, and sales data consolidation. Our API is constructed to be robust, reliable, and efficient. To familiarize yourself with our API’s varied capabilities, refer to the Jumpseller API Documentation.

Note: It is vital to adhere to the API rate limits to promote equitable usage and maintain the platform’s performance. API calls have a certain per minute/hour limit. Learn more about our rate limits in our API Rate Limiting Guide.

Authenticate with Jumpseller’s API

Prior to making API requests to Jumpseller, your application needs to be authenticated. We employ OAuth for application authentication. For more information, please refer to the Jumpseller Apps Documentation.

Leverage Jumpseller Webhooks

Every Jumpseller store can communicate with other services or websites through webhooks whenever a specific event, such as an order payment, occurs. These webhooks can be utilized, for instance, to update an external sales channel. For every event, we will POST a JSON-formatted message to your URL. The JSON payload matches the one used by the corresponding API endpoint.

Refer to Webhooks for more information.

Manage Products

Using the Jumpseller API, you can manage products in various ways:

  • Create new products
  • Update existing products and their inventory
  • Delete products
  • Retrieve information about individual products

Refer to Product management API for more information.

Manage Orders

The Jumpseller API also facilitates order management. You can:

  • Create new orders
  • Update existing orders
  • Cancel orders
  • Retrieve information about individual orders

For more details, refer to Order management API.

Adopt Best Practices

When integrating with Jumpseller’s API, follow these best practices:

  • Adhere to the API rate limit
  • Encrypt data in transit
  • Securely store OAuth tokens
  • Gracefully handle errors and exceptions

Access Support and Resources

If you require assistance integrating with Jumpseller’s API, we provide an array of resources and support options:

Need assistance? Contact Support

This guide is designed to help you leverage Jumpseller’s platform to its fullest. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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