Building a Jumpseller Theme

Before You Get Started

A Jumpseller theme is a collection of files that work together to control the look and presentation of the content from an online store in general. It modifies the way the online store is displayed, without modifying the underlying software.

  1. Theme development standards
  2. Required features
  3. Impact on merchants
  4. Design
  5. Theme submissions
  6. What to submit when you apply
  7. The revenue for this theme
  8. Project definitions
  9. Warranty
  10. Theme Support

Theme development standards

  • Well-structured, semantic, error-free, valid HTML and Liquid
  • Clean and valid CSS
  • Legible, performant, clean JavaScript
  • Mobile First

You can check the documentation about Liquid Syntax and Jumpseller Variables.

Required features

When building a theme for Jumpseller, know that it will be used by thousands of merchants. This is why we have specific submission guidelines that must be followed for a theme to be proposed, considered, reviewed, and approved to be featured on Jumpseller’s theme gallery.

Impact on merchants

It’s important to consider the impact of a well functioning and designed theme for merchants. Not only do themes inform customers about a company’s brand and what they stand for, but in addition, they help build trust, drive conversions, affect the UX, and much more.

The design, layout, and product photography all add to the overall look of an online store. Each of these different facets has to come together to create a positive impact for a merchant and their customers, especially if a business is to be successful.


When designing a theme, there could be many unknown factors to account for. Theme developers have very little control of what a merchant does with the theme after it’s applied to their store.

To proactively avoid these unknown issues and not impose structural limitations on merchants, main sections should be editable through theme options, which should have descriptive or easily identifiable names, for example, Home Slider, Colors, or Footer, easy for merchants to find and edit.

Theme submissions

The design requirements can be defined by Jumpseller or it can be suggested by the designer/developer, according to your interests. We recommend that you review the latest themes in our gallery and generate a stunning proposal with a solution that current themes do not have, so there is a bigger probability that customers will choose your theme.

What to submit when you apply

If you want to create a theme:

  1. Send us a graphic proposal of the home page and product page, in mobile and desktop version for a pre-evaluation, so that the design team can evaluate your proposal prior to building the theme;
  2. The Jumpseller design team will reply to you with feedback;
  3. When the design is approved, you can start the technical work. The first payment of the project will be made.

If you already have a theme created:

  1. Send us the link of the demo. You can work on a test store, if you need more time just contact us.;
  2. The design team will evaluate your theme and will reply to you with feedback;
  3. The theme must meet all defined development standards and guidelines.
  4. When the design is approved, you can start with the technical work required by the design team if necessary. The first payment of the project will be made.

To consider your application please complete this form. We will contact you to continue with the process.

The Jumpseller design team will be working closely with you every step of the way during the theme development process and will continue to work closely with you once your theme has been published.

The revenue for this theme

We divide the project and payments in this way:

  1. Delivery of graphic proposal/mockups for mobile and desktop (Home/Product Page);
  2. Payment of €415 EUR of the budget prior to starting any technical work;
  3. Payment of €415 EUR for the integration of the project in Jumpseller. Ready to go online;
  4. Definition of the price for the use of the theme for each Jumpseller store - recommended value: €27 EUR to €85 EUR;
  5. After being published, during the first 12 months, we pay 100% of the charged value, set in point 4, to each merchant for the use of your theme - Payments every 3 months;
  6. After 12 months from the launch of the theme, the quarterly payment will be 70% of the value set in point 4 if you fully assume the support of the theme and 10% of the value set in point 4 if Jumpseller assumes the support of the theme.

All values are gross, requiring an invoice.

Project definitions

The estimated development time is 10 weeks, we can meet to discuss the delivery stages and define deadlines.

  • Graphic Proposal > Review > HTML > Integration > Review > Deploy > Customers Feedback Compilation > Fixes > Completion;
  • The development is on the latest Bootstrap version, it starts building on top of the Bootstrap or Simple theme that we have online;
  • The project according to our Guidelines;
  • Mobile First;
  • Development is in English, then translations to Spanish and Portuguese are added;
  • Upload products to a "demo" store;
  • Content creation for the theme page (optional).


After the theme is online you must correct or solve any issue presented during the first 3 months, after that period it will be defined if the theme support will be the responsibility of the theme designer/developer or Jumpseller, applying the corresponding percentage of the commissions for sale.

Theme support

You will need to provide a public support email address, theme documentation like this one, and assist merchants with their theme-related questions.

In case you assume the complete support of the theme you must correct any issue with the layout or styles as soon as possible, being responsible for keeping this theme working correctly.