Building a Jumpseller Theme

Building a Jumpseller theme

A Jumpseller theme is a collection of files that work together to control the look and presentation of the content from an online store and a website in general. It modifies the way the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying software.

Theme development standards

  • Well-structured, semantic, error-free, valid HTML and Liquid
  • Clean and valid CSS
  • Legible, performant, clean JavaScript
  • Mobile First

You can check the documentation about Liquid Syntax and Jumpseller Variables.

Required Features

When building a theme for Jumpseller, know that it will be used by thousands of merchants. Which is why we have specific submission guidelines that must be followed for a theme to be proposed, considered, reviewed, and approved to be featured on Jumpseller’s theme gallery.

Impact on merchants

It’s important to consider the impact of a well functioning and designed theme for merchants. Not only do themes inform customers about a company’s brand and what they stand for, but in addition, they help build trust, drive conversions, affect the UX and much more.

The design, layout, and product photography all add to the overall look of an online store. Each of these different facets has to come together to create a positive impact for a merchant and their customers, especially if a business is to be successful.


When designing a theme, there could be many unknown factors to account for. Theme developers have very little control of what a merchant does with the theme after it’s applied to their store.

To proactively avoid this unknown, design for probable-use cases and to not force structural limitations on merchants, in the theme options sections, they must have descriptive or easy to identify names, for example: Home Slider, Colors or Footer, that merchants find and edit easily.

Theme Partners

The design requirements can be defined by Jumpseller or it can be a proposal presented by a Theme Partner.

The Jumpseller Design Team will be working closely with you every step of the way during the theme development process and will continue to work closely with you once your theme has been published.

The revenue for this theme will be defined between the parties.

You will need to provide a public support email address, theme documentation (example) and assist merchants with their theme-related questions.

Before starting: you can send us a design proposal indicating what the main characteristics of this new theme would be, so the design team can give you feedback prior to building the theme.

If you already have a template created, send us the link. You can work on a test store and if you need more time contact us.