Professionals Terms and Benefits


  • Must have 2 stores with positive merchant satisfaction.

  • Must be expert on web development, SEO and Digital Marketing in General or both.

  • Have a corporate website.

  • Add Jumpseller Logo on your site. Download Logo with PressKit.

  • Agree to these terms.


  • Partner should add Jumpseller Logo on their site, with more important emphasis on main landing page or/and partners/integrations page.

  • Partner should announce via social media, mentioning new relationship with Jumpseller.

  • Partner will not have exclusivity over other professionals agencies.

  • Follow Guidelines to using Jumpseller’s logo and or other Jumpseller product, content and service.

  • Any lead generated by Jumpseller to the Professional should always be entitled to Jumpseller and no other option should be offered, violation of this may result in removal from program.


  • Partner will be posted on /professionals landing page.

  • Partner will be suggested to customers on our support and marketing channels if requested by merchants.

  • Partner will be taken into consideration for future webinars, events or workshops.

  • Partner will have priority support to solve any question or problem of their customers.

  • Partner has the opportunity to schedule an introductory workshop to Jumpseller.

  • Free demo store for infinite days.

  • Jumpseller shirts for customers with stores in Jumpseller and also for agencies / professionals.

  • Free access to Jumpseller events.

  • Best agency will be featured on a 2 times a year newsletter.

  • One hour of free consultancy with our team (developers, designers, marketing).

Activities suggested for Partners

  • Work hand in hand with Jumpseller to empower new and current stores.

  • Maintain communication with marketing and support team for possible activities with mutual benefits.

  • Promote Jumpseller for projects regarding eCommerce.

Affiliation Rewards Program

Any Professional is able to use their [affiliate link])(/affiliation) to get a reward for stores subscribed to Jumpseller restrictions may apply according to the affiliation terms and conditions.