Using the Online Sales App with Jumpseller

Boost conversions, reach new customers and increase sales

Create Google Shopping campagins and get the most out of them with the help of artificial intelligence and Just set the budget and the app will deliver optimized results for your store automatically.

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Give Each Product Individual Attention. At Scale. predicts conversion rates & demand for each product based on your site behavior.

Intelligent and automated Bids for Each Product, Every Time. defines the bid for each product in real time with the goal of maximising yield & volumes from Google.

Product Changes Synced in Real-Time.

With's direct integration with your Jumpseller store, every change on your site goes to market in minutes.

Optimize Your Ads with 1-Click.

1-click Optimizations for Performance, Budget Allocation, Ad Quality, Product Catalog, Audience Targeting & Seasonality for Google Shopping.

Beat the Crowd with Smarter Ad Creatives. makes your product catalog's metadata leaner & image assets more intelligent. For e.g. auto-zooming or cropping of images or enhancing the product title.

Impacts Bottomline.

No matter how many SKUs you have, each SKU is optimized for real revenues & margins rather than just CTR and CPCs.

How to Install the App

You can install the app directly from the Jumpseller app store in 2 simple steps.

  1. Go to the Jumpseller Admin Panel > Apps > Look for Google Shopping app by


  2. Click on Yes, Authorize. That’s all. You’ve successfully installed the Google Shopping app by on your Jumpseller store.


Setting Up Your Account

After you’ve installed the app you will be automatically redirected to the platform to complete your account setup.

Your account can be set up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Link Your Ad Accounts
  2. Define Your Advertising Goals
  3. Go Live.

Linking your ad account

This card allows you to link your Google Ads accounts to

  1. Just click on the button next to the Google channel to link your ad account.


  2. Once you’ve clicked on the button, you’ll be shown the necessary information about linking your ad account.


  3. After you’ve linked your AdWords and GMC account, click on Done. You can see the status of your linked account beside the respective channels.


Define your advertising goals

  1. On clicking Next, you’ll be shown the next card which will allow you to define your Goals. Specify your goal name, geography, budget and objective. Click on Save to create your first goal configuration.


  2. Once you’ve created your first goal, the system will check for any pre-flight errors that might occur due to incomplete steps. If you’ve correctly followed the previous steps, you’ll be shown the screen below. Click on Next to proceed.


  3. Next is the Subscription Details card. Click on Next to enter your payment details and confirm your subscription.


  4. Once your payment details have been confirmed, your first goal will be launched on Hooray!


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to learn about Ads and

Visit their knowledge base.

How do I pay for the ad spend?

You will continue to pay the channels directly (i.e. Google), even when you have your ad accounts linked to

How much ROI improvement can I expect? typically delivers 30% performance improvement in 9-12 weeks compared to the historic benchmark. Though, the only caveat around other influencing non-marketing variables have not changed drastically for e.g. your catalog depth, inventory on popular products, website & checkout experience, product pricing & promotions, industry seasonality.

Can I link my existing ad account(s)?

Yes, you can easily link your existing Google ad accounts.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes, you can choose to unsubscribe anytime and the termination would be effective on the last day of billing cycle. Though it is recommended a minimum of 3 months to assess the platform’s performance potential for your accounts. The learnings would then help you make an informed choice.

How secure is my site data?

Your data is 100% secured and is never shared with any third party.

Will I have access to the ad accounts?

Yes, of course. You will continue owning your ad accounts with Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. as admin.

Can I make changes directly on the ad accounts?

Short answer is yes – you can make any changes you want in your ad accounts since you are the admin.

Having said that, you typically wouldn’t require to make any changes to these accounts since will be managing & optimizing the campaigns for you. And you can always make any request to their customer support team – who can affect the changes you requested on your behalf. This ensures that’s platform and Ad Accounts are appropriately in sync.

Any questions regarding our pricing?

Please visit to see all our pricing plans.

You may send an email at if you happen to have any questions regarding the use of this app.