Your online store is the center of everything. If it is well designed and has great products, everything should be fine. Social networks are channels of communication and sales that if used efficiently, will leverage the value you offer in your online store. If the store does not add value to any type of user, social networks will not save it, but if there is a niche of customers who love your store, social networks will help you to connect with more customers exponentially.

In this article, we summarize 7 tools that will help you manage your online store, communicate and use social networks as efficiently as possible for your benefit.

Buffer: Schedule your social networks posts in advance.

As an entrepreneur, you have enough tasks and businesses to attend to. The problem is that you probably do not have time to publish daily on your company's social networks, and at the same time, take care of your other tasks.

You need to constantly update your social networks to stay connected with your audience and keep in the minds of your potential customers. For that, you need to share content, which can take time. Fortunately, with Buffer, you can schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which will allow you to optimize your time.

A buffer will not only help you save time by allowing you to schedule your publications; Also, with a browser extension, it will allow you to share content with a single click.

Zapier: All your apps working together.

Zapier is an automation platform that brings all your apps together in one place, allowing you to automate tasks you perform daily, bringing together activities that would otherwise be time-consuming. With over 500 apps available for integration, you'll have the most important social networks on hand to help you automate your publications, among other features.

IFTTT: Everything can be automated.

If This Then That, or IFTTT is a tool for automating tasks between apps, websites, and gadgets. With a range of combinations, IFTTT is incredibly versatile and has the potential to make every piece of your marketing strategy much more efficient. IFTTT has integration with more than 400 apps, including the main social networks.

IFTTT allows you to automate everything in your day to day, automatically publish photos from a Dropbox folder, or sending reminders to your computer has never been so easy. It’s worth a try!

Canva: Good design for everyone.

Don't have even a little designer in you? Don’t worry. Canva is a simple, complete and great application that allows you to create excellent designs to be used in your social networks, in the correct sizes, with already defined templates that will make life much easier. If you already have experience with Photoshop, for example, you will find that Canva is much easier to use and much more intuitive, because it is specifically designed to be used in social networks and simple design projects.

Canva also includes a simple interface that allows you to quickly build, edit and modify your images so they are exactly as you want them.

Schedugram: Share your Instagram photos in a planned manner.

With Schedugram you can program your photos in Instagram and stop worrying about when and how to publish them. Schedugram also allows you to upload and edit your photos through a web browser, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect phrase, the ideal hashtag and the best filter for your audience. Do you have multiple accounts on Instagram? It’s not a problem for this great application. It simply must be in your digital marketing kit.

Discoverly: Social networking info while browsing.

If you are looking for contacts or collaborators, this tool is for you. Discoverly is a Chrome extension that analyzes your account profile on a specific social network, letting you know what connections you have with another person on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all in the same place. As simple as that.

Buzzsumo: It analyzes what content is performing best.

BuzzSumo is a powerful platform that gives you all the information you need about the performance of your content on social networks, not just your content, but your competition as well.

Once people begin sharing your content, Buzzsumo will give you the possibility to visualize data that allows you to make a detailed analysis of your content, comparing it with similar content from other companies. With this foundation, you can decide which content is working best or worse, and get ideas on topics for your following articles. A tool that has to be in your toolkit every day.

You are ready to start automating, generating articles on a scheduled basis, knowing which topics work and which ones do not, among other things. The tools given are just supplements to your online store and the general online marketing strategy you have. Remember, the main thing is that you offer value with quality products and services, then, with the use of this type of tools, success will be guaranteed.