There are many successful stories of companies that have offered a service using Jumpseller. This is a very special case. In Chile, for two years now there’s been a store that has the mission of democratizing access to condoms. La Condonería was born with the idea that anyone should have the perfect condom for their needs, in a market where access to this type of products is not so easy. Enrique is the CEO of and tells us some lessons and gives several tips that can be very useful for those who are starting with an online store.

Try the products first at a low cost.

"Before opening an online store and creating an inventory, we knew that we had to test if people would really buy this type of product online. It was a small product so the shipment would be relatively cheap, but we needed to confirm that there was a certain type of consumer who preferred to buy condoms on the internet, for variety and privacy. So the first thing we did was to publish the products on MercadoLibre to see for ourselves. It was a free and quick way to do market research. So we announced them and waited. In 2 hours we had the first sale, and by the end of the day we had about 20 boxes sold. We went to the pharmacy, bought the condoms and shipped them. So we knew we had something interesting"

At the start of the project, the important thing is to validate the hypotheses of the products that you want to sell before making any type of investment. Test, iterate and find what customers really want.

Find a niche and create a monopoly on it.

"We immediately opened the online store with Jumpseller and everything grew very fast. Jumpseller allowed us to have a customized online store in a couple of days and at a minimum cost, we even got to try it for free. Over the course of the days we realized that there was a specific segment that had more interest than others in buying condoms online: the students. It makes sense, young people who perhaps feel a little embarrassed buying condoms in pharmacies or supermarkets, do not know the products so they do not dare to ask many questions...we solved a real problem for them. After realizing this, our efforts were channeled into offering the best possible service to this segment"

One mistake that many make is trying to sell different products to many different customer segments. The problem is that all segments have different needs, different ways of thinking and reacting, so we will never find an approach that satisfies everyone equally. At first, find the niche that can’t live without your online store, define it well and focus your efforts on them. Subsequently, once you are recognized as the leader in this group, it makes sense to think of other related niches.

Create good quality content.

"In 3 months we had about 60,000 unique monthly visits to the online store, and it was not only thanks to the products we had, but to the content of the blog that we were generating in a systematic way. We were looking for key terms in Google search for condom-related topics and we wrote high quality articles that people liked and at the same time out of use. Over the months Google indexed those articles and we began to rise in search results. Now, content is a key part of our success"

This point is elementary: to have a growing demand for the products that you will sell. Create a blog with high quality content, using keywords that people search in the search engines. Gradually you will start to rank higher on Google and people will come to your store without you having to pay to appear in the first places.

Do you want to try it out? Create your online store with a free shopping cart today with Jumpseller.