Janosch Moldau, a singer and songwriter from Germany with songs played all across Europe. He has now published four studio albums and many singles, which almost all landed on the German and European record charts. He has toured around Europe and Russia, and has worked with many big names from the electropop scene.

As the loyal customer Janosch Moldau is, we got the chance to interview him as he prepares for his new upcoming remix album "Ghost Tracks”.

Janosch Moldau

Being an artist is a dream for many but also quite a risk to take, when did your interest in music start and when did you start to pursue your career as a musician?

I've always played music. I think that ever since my early childhood, music has been a true passion of mine. My mom had a big record collection which really became an eyeopener. At a young age I started playing the violin, which was more my mom's wish than mine. But I also played drums and piano and played in a lot of school bands as well. So it was really in the early schooldays my interest for music began. But for me it has always been about the passion, Im not a trained musician. For me, music is and has been more of an emotional work.

After school I started working with a record studio in Cologne, Germany. I worked as a sound designer, so I did a lot of studio work for other bands. We made records for record companies. Mostly helping other bands from a productional point. So kind of like a producer job from the technical side of it. I learned a lot from this, but it also made me realise that it was time for me to bring my own stuff out. I always went home after the studio work and tried working on my own songs, and in 2005 I released my first album, "Redeemer".

The album redeemer is available at Janosch Moldau's store. It was recorded over a period of 18 months in his home studio, an album full of intimacy and silence.

Where or what do you get inspiration from?

I am not a songwriter that sits down with a paper and starts to write about themes or stories. I usually play chords from guitar or keyboard and then I start building a song. But I think I have to be in a certain moodset, it's hard to explain. I'm inspiried by the 80;s, religion and christian mysticism. So I think my inspiration is a lot of influences coming together. I try to be fully open in my songs and usually write a lot about religion, because i think that religion is deeply linked to love and all my songs are based on a never ending "love theme"....Anyway... I write a lot about emotions and try to stay away from politics and other stuff. We sing really deep from the heart and if I'm not involved with my heart I can't sing.

Favourite artist, who would you love to go out and have a beer with?

Haha well you know, they are all dead. But I think I still have to say Hildegard Knef, a great singer and songwriter from Germany. The big divas back in the days. In fact she is actually from my little home town.

Being a musician requires a lot of time, what do you do on your spare time.

For the moment I must say that I don't have too much free time actually. With the tour and the new album release there is a lot to do but you know, I also have family so I really have other things that are important too. I always make sure to prioritise what’s really important. The work takes a lot of time but prioritisation is really important.

I saw that during your last tour around Europe you played in my home country Sweden. How is touring?

Usually it is very stressful before it starts, with visuals and everything because we have to check so that everything is prepared and working. But then when the tour kicks of, everything is fine. This tour we had a very good night line and you have your bed on the bus, waking up in a new and exiting city every day.

I remember how much I hated presentations back in high school and college. That was just my class, are you ever nervous when you go up on stage?

Not really which is good, haha. But I'm very open and honest on stage, like I try to open up for the audience. I think this can make me more nervous sometimes. But this is what I do and I really enjoy going up on stage in front of my fans.

Can you tell us about the best moment in your music career so far?

It was a really great moment when big bands and really known bands started to recognise my music and ask if I wanted to go with them on tour. That was an amazing feeling. Going to places all over Europe. The first time in Russia was also an important and a big moment for me. When the stage opened at moscow hall, a dream that we, at that time never thought could happen, came true. Now I dream about Tokyo.

For other aspiring musicians, how do you get deals to go around touring in other countries?

We have really good agents that help us, that are situated all around the world. One in Russia, Hamburg, record labels in Berlin. So a lot of different people help. Therefore it could be possible that we go to Japan one day, because a lot of good people and bands we know are there. But we wait for the right moment and don't stress too much about it.

We see that you are very active on many social channels, but how important is it for you to have your own website/ webstore?

Its very important. We share a lot from our website, it's like the middle of the social media. A lot of people buy music from amazon and where the music record industry makes the records available for sale. But now, as we have our own store we have started to tell fans that they can buy it all directly from our webpage. But there are also a lot of shops that have our merch, such as t-shirts and stuff. However, now we provide them to and try to bring some fans to our store, since if we are able to sell more from our own store we can keep more of the profit.

How important are social media for a band/ you?

Its very important and you can't ignore it. You can't leave it out, as a musician or a band you can't leave it out.

Which song are you most proud of?

Hmm, interesting. It must be from my latest record, last year and it is called "precious life" (from the album "Minor") . Its my favourite song from my own ones...

What's your all time favourite song?

Hard question since I have a lot of favourite songs. But a song that I really love is the “moonlight sonata” by Beethoven, it inspires a lot. It's the one with the piano like dududi dududi, a lot of melancholic melodies. Such melodies are really important to me.