How to start a Youtube Channel for your Online Business

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Why create video content? Interaction and engagement are key to success! Small dynamic videos are already highly viewed on social media. Video content can be effortless for users to view; it’s appealing even if you are not in the mood; entertaining and absorbable! No more TL;DR (too long; didn't read) content, it is time to start a Youtube channel for your Business.


Creating a Youtube Channel

In order to create your Youtube Channel, you’ll need an associated Google account. There’s no need for you to have a Gmail email, you can use any other. And you can work both on desktop or mobile.

  1. Create a Google Account. When creating company profiles, avoid using personal emails.

    configure youtube 1

    configure youtube 2

  2. Click on My Channel by clicking on the avatar on the top right of the page. Scroll through the drop-down options until you find it.

  3. Choose what will be the name of your account. Unless you have a personal business, our advice is for you to click on Use a business or other name and type the name of your company.

    configure youtube 3

Dress it up

Making your Youtube page aesthetically pleasing is just as important as the content you upload. Make sure that you’re providing all the relevant information about your brand to your viewers.

  1. Have you updated your icon and banner? Click on the avatar on the top left side of the page (inside “My Channel” menu) and upload your company logo for your Channel Profile. Then, choose some image for your Channel Cover Photo that combines with it - it may be your brand signature, statement or any occasional call-to-action. Be creative but keep it simple!

    • Channel Profile: recommended 800 x 800 pixels; displays as 98 x 98 pixels; images types PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP;
    • Channel Cover Photo: recommended 2560 x 1440 pixels; displays size for tablet as 1855 x 423, mobile as 1546 x 423, desktop as 2560 x 423 at least.
  2. Telling the story of your Youtube channel will be important to engage with your viewers. And that’s our whole point, right? Take advantage of this space, describe your mission, your value proposition and your brand values. Let them know why you’re there. Make it simple here too: summarize the main points in one paragraph or two.

configure youtube 4

Add an email contact so that your viewers can easily reach you. Complete your profile by adding all relevant links, social media profiles, website and other places you want to generate traffic to. You can even set a channel trailer: a 30’’ teaser summing up what’s the channel all about may keep your audience interested and praying for more. A good option for your first video - remember: make your audience interested and show them how relevant your content is.

Put your ideas into action!

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Creating the Content

Stepping into the marketing funnel

Rather than promoting your products for the sake of it, make the most out of each stage of the marketing funnel and try to adapt your content to it.

  • Entice - Try demonstration videos.

  • Keep them interested - provide them with videos of special offers.

  • Be informative - from time to time, make videos talking about you product/service in general.

  • Conversation Videos - Use testimonials, show product variants and shipping information.

  • Develop a bond - maybe showing off your company’s culture, giving them more information about you or preparing some exclusive customer-only content can be an option.

(How to create high quality content)

Mastering the art of video content

Uploading random videos will not boost your brand just like that. Create a content strategy, for that, the first thing you need is to get to know your target audience. Who are you talking to? What are the aspirations and needs of your target audience? Should you do a demo video or use a testimonial? Is the product too complex and you’ll have to work on a tutorial? On the other hand, do you want to work on your brand awareness? Create a culture video with a strong narrative behind it or even get a digital influencer to be part of your campaign.

For example - if your product lacks trust: why not interview an expert explaining its added value? Or do you need your brand to get closer to your audience? Choose a consumer’s story strong enough for people to relate to it. Your brand personality will also be worked on depending on the aesthetics you choose: keep a coherent style to create a brand persona.

Content Optimization

Just like on Google searches, one has to optimize their content for youtube as well! Without optimization, it is extremely unlikely that your Youtube presence will grow. There are principles to follow to make your content with YouTube SEO compatible and help you become more visible to your target audience. The most important steps to follow are:

  1. Write long, detailed descriptions Hashtags in descriptions are an easy way for you to find videos about trending topics. There are two ways to find videos by using hashtags:

    • Search for a hashtag.
    • Click on a hashtag in the title or description of a video. You'll see a results page that shows the top trending videos for the hashtag and the most recently uploaded content.
  2. Carefully research & select the right keywords When doing keyword research on YouTube, you want to try to find keywords that will drive traffic to your video. The best place to look for keywords is on YouTube, but you should also use more traditional keyword research tools (like Google Search Console, SEMrush, SEOProfiler, Moz or others.) YouTube allows you to include “tags” to help categorize your video by keyword, but it limits the number of tags you can include. You’ll want to look for multi-word tags (i.e., long-tail keywords) that specifically relate to your video’s topic. You should also use single-word tags and broad-term tags that relate to your video’s broader topic.

  3. Optimize videos for the correct length The number of views can vary according to the length of the video, most people don't engage in watching longer videos. The favored videos in terms of length also differ according to the devices being used, for example it’s harder to watch longer videos on smartphones as compared to on laptops.

  4. Embed & share videos wherever possible Use your YouTube videos on other social media channels that you might have. Get some momentum going, also, whenever possible, use the videos to enhance content on your website or blog. This is also one aspect of cross-channel marketing.

  5. Be thorough A rookie mistake! Never forget to fill out all the fields, ever notice when you buy a product it comes with many guides and other material? It is similar to what you should do on YouTube, put in information, but it should be relevant and an easy read.

YouTube Annotations

A powerful tool for marketing, use it to increase engagement, viewership, and subscribers to your YouTube channel. Using video annotations, to direct traffic, provide general information, and help users navigate to the place where you want them to go. You can tell them to do things like:

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  • Contact us

  • Register for a Free-Trial

  • Checkout the success stories.

Analyze and Improve

Track your results, to boost your return on investment (ROI)! You can now know exactly when your consumer stops watching your video and how many full and partial views you’re having to enable you to adapt your content to what your viewers appreciate the most.