La Tetería came to being 12 years ago when we received a blooming tea as a gift from a dear friend who now lives in France. Later on, we had the idea of bringing them to Chile, so that many people could enjoy this incredible experience of seeing how a cup of tea spreads its petals and leafs while it is infusing, along with the quality of flavours and scents emitted in the process.


When we opened to the public back in January 2007, we had a team of 7 people, and today, after 10 years our workforce grew to a number of 25 dedicated people whose only goal is to provide the best experience on every product and service that we have to offer: from our production unit, where there is only the most meticulous women, and then on our stores and tea rooms served by the most kind and professional people, up to the people that are working on the administration area. We work hard to offer the best service each day, so we can transmit everything we’ve learned along this wonderful adventure at La Tetería.

Of course, this would not be possible without the special support of our current business partners, who throughout the past 10 years, have been incredible. Our market acceptance has been incredible thus far due to the effort of everyone involved and we could not be happier.

Right now we are offering everything from all kinds of tea and accessories to the pleasant experience of our tea rooms located in strategical points throughout Santiago, Chile.


Right now we want to extend our products reach by the use of Jumpseller, so that people can also enjoy our products in the comfort of their homes and share the experience with friends and family. The service they offer has helped us in many ways because of its ease of use, and integration with many payment and shipping methods, in fact, it helps us be autonomous, without the need of acquiring the services from a third party developer or agency. Everything from updating products, stocks, payment transactions and changing media content is done in a breeze, and in case we need additional help we are backed by an ethic and professional team who are always vigilant and available for any inquiry so we can achieve our perfect online store.