Time is a limited resource and is never enough. It is impossible to create more of it and we can’t stop using it. When you get up in the morning, you check your emails, meeting agendas, lunch, etc., time is always present and we can’t afford to manage it incorrectly. Although many people do not recognize it, the mismanagement of time is a constant presence in our lives: procrastination, checking social networks at work to "disconnect", perform the first tasks that come to mind without thinking if they are important or not, among others, are manifestations of poor planning of the workday. As entrepreneurs, the environment is often to blame for poor results, when the answer may be in one's own time-related habits.

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When we realize that we can’t create more time, what we have to do is manage it better, the focus is on finding the tools to help us manage it better. In this article, we present 5 tools that will help you manage your time and organize your sales in the best possible way, and what’s best, all these great tools are free. If you want their more advanced versions, you can pay extra to obtain them.


ToDoist is a task organization tool, in our opinion, one of the best for its simplicity, clarity, ease of use and great support whenever needed. It allows you to organize your day in projects, and to create and customize these projects according to what you need. It is very easy to create tasks within each project, to assign deadlines and even to share these tasks with other members of your team. ToDoist is available for iOS, Mac OS X and Apple Watch.

Why ToDoist?

Its versatility, shortcuts and simple interface allow any user to manage all their tasks in one place. With a thoughtful design, it is very easy to turn the use of ToDoist into a daily habit. They will not regret it.


Clara is an extraordinary application that combines the management of your emails with artificial intelligence, be it planning or ordering your meetings. Having an orderly calendar is no simple task, since meetings, free type, work, there is never room for anything; The more difficult it is done when we have to coordinate our availability with that of other people. Clara has the mission of automatically coordinating meetings by optimizing and ordering your emails at the same time. Simply send a response to the emails received to Clara and it will begin to establish a meeting immediately.

Why Clara?

It’s an easy and reliable way to free up your inbox, avoiding spending unnecessary time sending emails, which this assistant can do for you. At the same time, it allows you to stay focused on the activities that really matter, and you will know that your calendar is being taken care of by Clara.


Wunderlist is a collaborative task list application that helps you coordinate your tasks with groups of friends, co-workers, and anyone else you want. When it comes to completing your daily goals, you are no longer alone. Wunderlist allows you to track, complete and share your goals with a single click with whomever you choose. You can easily assign tasks, create comments, set dates for project completion and more. It is a tool that is very powerful, especially for users with large technical requirements. One of your strengths is the highly customizable user interface. Wunderlist is available for all operating systems you can imagine.

Why wunderlist?

It just works. With its user interface optimized for team collaboration and deep level of personalization that allows having a work environment according to the needs of each user, the possibility to share, comment, set goals and much more in a simple and functional form. It makes sure you do not forget anything, its reminders will be your best friend. Just try it.


Timely is a beautiful and innovative time-management application that not only manages the duration of your projects and tasks but also helps you organize your workweek in a timely, efficient and simple manner. Once you try it, you will want to keep using it. With Timely you set your work week in advance, estimating the time you will need to perform each of your daily tasks. The more detailed the daily tasks, greater the benefit you get from the application. With the tracking of your time, Timely will be able to compare the time you predicted with the time it actually took to perform each of your tasks. This way, you can plan better your days ahead. Timely is available for iOS and for web browsers.

Why Timely?

You can keep track of time and how it is used, not just the staff but also the members of your team. Many times you have unrealistic ideas of how much time each task will take, now with Timely you will have the data necessary to know in a real and effective way how much time each assigned activity is taking. It helps you plan the upcoming weeks in the best way possible.


While Calm is not a tool to manage your tasks, it is an essential aid today to manage those tasks in the best way possible. If you have heard about meditation and would like to try it but you think it’s not for you, or you have tried it before but it is impossible for you to put your mind to it for a long time, Calm is the application for you. This simple tool, available in your browser and IOS, allows you to start meditating quickly and easily. Thanks to multiple meditation options, it allows anyone to meditate, starting with short periods of time and gradually beginning to meditate for longer periods. It is the ideal tool for all those who need a break in their day and a simple walk in the park is not enough. Calm has guided meditations for those who need instructions to make the most of the session and believe me, it works. Highly recommended.

Why Calm?

To complete more tasks in our day to day, our mind must be in good condition, it must be trained constantly. Calm is the application that will allow you to strengthen your mind to face your daily activities as an entrepreneur. Use your guided sessions daily, customize the ambient sound and you will have a totally unique experience in each session. These tools will help you to organize your time, your tasks, your calendar and more. So you can take it to the next level and achieve your goals quickly, but remember, these tools do not achieve your goals, they only help you achieve them. It all depends on you and how you use these platforms to take a step forward and not to stand on sameness.

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